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Holiday Gifts For The Home 2017

Holiday Gifts for the Home 2017

Transform your home from dark to dazzling with the Star Shower Slideshow! It’s the brightest, most beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays. Setup is easy. Choose the slide you want to use, insert it into the unit, and watch it play. Engineered with Easy Slide Technology, it’s an explosion of lights and colors. The Star Shower Slideshow will replace your outdoor Christmas decorations and your outdoor Halloween Decorations! Watch your slideshow in three speeds – choose from slow, fast, and freeze settings. An efficient motor coupled with bright LED lights allows holiday images to dance over your home. With a water-resistant casing and extra-long stake, Star Shower Slideshow is safe in snow and rain. The included indoor base allows you to create festive interiors – perfect for apartment dwellers, basements, recreation halls, or anywhere you want to celebrate. Watch your home come to life with Star Shower Slideshow!
  • Easy to use
  • Water-resistant casing
  • 12 holiday slides
  • 3 speeds: slow, fast, and freeze
  • Indoor base to use Slideshow inside
  • Safe in snow and rain
  • Replaces holiday décor for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, July 4th, and Halloween
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Includes Star Shower Slideshow (with 12 full-color slides, extra-long outdoors stake, and indoor base).

A revolution in cooking with unparalleled comfort right at your fingertips. Introducing the Immersion Blending System by Chefman. Equipped with a powerful 300 Watt ultra quiet motor, this immersion hand blender quickly purees soups, blends batters, mixes beverages, and more. Its unique cross blade provides extremely smooth and even blending and a protective blade guard that helps prevent splattering.

Simplicity, Elegance, Innovation
Easy, Perfect, Delicious!
The Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano Waffle Maker is the foolproof way to create mess-free and stress free waffles, every time!
Award Winning Design
Chefman is all about challenging the status quo and paving the way for bold and unique innovations. Our Volcano Waffle Maker won IHA's prestigious 2017 Global Innovation Award and we're not stopping there!

Mess-Free, Stress-Free
Designed with a storable pouring spout on the base of the unit used to guide down the batter evenly - non-stick spray not required! Quickly clean and easily store without mess and stress!

Perfectly portioned brownies. Prevent your brownies from becoming a crumbling mess. Red Copper Brownie Bonanza is the ultimate brownie pan that bakes 18 perfectly portioned all-edge brownies. The Brownie Bonanza measure 9-inches by 13-inches, so it accommodates your favorite family-sized recipes without having to make ingredient adjustments. Brownie Bonanza has a PFOA-free nonstick, scratch-resistant coating that prevents your brownies from your food from sticking. Dishwasher safe components make cleanup a cinch! Just spread batter and bake! Brownie Bonanza is so easy to use. It's as easy as Bake, Lift, and Serve. Here's how it works: Spread your batter in the brownie pan. Insert the brownie divider tray and bake as directed. When cool, separate lifting tray from brownie pan. Serve perfectly cut brownies right from the lifting tray or place on a serving platter. Beyond Brownies. The Brownie Bonanza fun doesn't stop at brownies. Use this brownie pan to make yummy snacks like marshmallow treats, lemon bars, dump cake, biscuit sliders, and pizza bites (recipes are in the included recipe book). Perfect for bake sales or making after school snacks! Packaging may vary. Item may not ship in retail packaging. Make brownies in three easy steps with Brownie Bonanza..

Grow Love with Me by Yoko Ono. Laser etched onto the seed by a patented process, the word first appears on the outer seed coat covering the inner cotyledon. Without coaxing, after a day or two the seed coat will fall away to reveal the word on the inner cotyledon. At first the inner cotyledon is yellow, but with the addition of sunlight quickly turns green. The seed then begins to splay open, shooting a leaf upward, bearing the same word LOVE. Can be purchased at

Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with the dimmable Feit Electric BPG2540/VG/LED G25 4.5W The Original Vintage LED Light Bulb. The soft white bulb produces a light output of 350 lumens uses 4.5 watts of electricity 89% less energy than an equivalent incandescent bulb. Get instant on to full brightness with relatively cool running performance. The Original Vintage LED light bulbs have an average life of 15,000 hours / 13.7 years are RoHS compliant and are 100% mercury free. Choose a dependable decorative bulb for residential or commercial applications.

Feit Switch to Dim Intellibulb: Adjust brightness with a standard light switch. Flip the switch. Switch the light. No dimmer switch? No problem. With theA800/3DIM/LEDI choose from 3 levels of adjustable dimmer lighting: 100%, 60% or 10% with a standard light switch. Select the best energy saving LED lighting for reading, watching television or spending time with the family. No additional hardware or special apps required.


Brighten Your Home in minutes with the easy to install SnapPower outlet cover. SnapPower is easy-to-install, sleek, and energy-efficient. Design to safely transform your outlet cover-plate into a convenient night light. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use! Purchase here!

The SnapPower Charger is easy-to-install, sleek, and energy-efficient. With design safely to transform your outlet cover-plate into a convenient USB charger. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use! You can purchase here.

If you're planning on taking a vacation this during the Holidays, then definitely check out the EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus which is great for keeping an eye on your home when you are away! Some of the features include:
  • 360° HD Video 
  • 1080p Resolution 
  • Two-Way Talk 
  • Smart Home Ready
What I love most about this camera is that I can put the app on my phone, and whenever I want to see what's going on, I open the app and take a look in the room. It also features Pan & Tilt! Which means that I can control the camera direction from my phone! No hiding from me! You can purchase the EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus & other EZVIZ products online here.

  • Have a raclette dinner anywhere – no power needed!
  • Set includes everything needed to melt the cheese: Oak stand, metal tray, spatula and 3 tea lights
  • Can be used with all types of cheese; raclette cheese melts in 4 minutes
  • Hand wash recommended

Everyone knows someone who is naughty or nice. Next time show them by adding Zoku’s Naughty Or Nice Ice into their glass. This playful silicone ice mold comes in a set of eight—perfect for your next get together. Once frozen simply remove the legible word ice by inverting the silicone—no rinsing required. The bold word ice is specifically designed to fit into double old-fashioned glasses.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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