Tuesday, August 15, 2017

AZO Bladder Control and Weight Management

The new AZO Bladder Control and Weight Management is exactly that. Clinically studied Synetrim® CQ, from the Cissus quadrangularis plant, supports serotonin balance to help promote metabolic health to support healthy weight management.* The result is a safe and effective way to maintain bladder control from the inside out! You can find this great products as well as others from AZO at your local Target store and other retail.

I have always had problems with having to stop to use the restroom when we are in the car. That's when it's really annoying for me, especially because we take 4 hour road trips twice a month, and those 4 hours can easily become 6 when I stop all the time. I started using the Azo Bladder Control and I am happy to say it's working! I am stopping about half as often as before, which is great!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact Paige@7kidsandus.com with any questions.

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