Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 Finding foods that are good for you, and all natural, along with tasting so good that the kids love it to isn't easy. Not for me anyway. My kids are super picky. I know it's my fault. I never pushed them to try foods they didn't want to try. I should have, but hindsight you know...

Recently we had the opportunity to try Pop Chips, which are like potato chips but baked instead of fried. The results were so clear. The kids loved every flavor and now I keep several bags on hand at all times.
 The Sour Cream and Onion flavor is my favorite, while the kids prefer the BBQ. I like the crunch and the taste!

The new Ridges are SO good. The tangy barbeque is perfect and with the ridges the popchips taste almost exactly like fried chips!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact Paige@7kidsandus.com with any questions.

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