Friday, June 9, 2017

Iam's High Protein Cat Food

Today, the IAMS™ Brand is launching a new High Protein cat food designed to feed cats' carnivorous nature and keep them ready to pounce. IAMS™ High Protein contains real animal protein as its first ingredient and is formulated with 84% animal protein – more than the leading dry cat brand.*

"Cats are carnivores and need protein to fuel their bodies," said Kate Rogers, Brand Manager for IAMS™ Cat. "Our new IAMS™ High Protein diet meets that need while delivering on consumer demands for premium, specialized products available at an affordable price point across grocers, retailers and online."

IAMS™ High Protein cat food offers cats a 100% complete and balanced adult nutrition and high levels of protein for healthy vitality. The new diet is made with high-quality ingredients to support lifelong health, and is formulated free of soy, artificial preservatives or dyes. "In addition to the nutritional benefits of protein-rich cat foods, these diets are enticing for cats because of the taste," said Dr. Ernie Ward, Veterinarian and IAMS™ Cat spokesperson. "The combination of real chicken and salmon in IAMS™ High Protein satisfies cats' desire for a great-tasting food while at the same time, providing fuel to their bodies."

When cat owners choose IAMS™ cat food, like new IAMS™ High Protein, they're choosing a great-tasting, premium food that will showcase three visible differences:

  • Healthy Skin & Coat: IAMS™ cat food is formulated with optimal levels of fatty acids to help give your cat a soft and shiny coat. 
  • Healthy Digestion: A healthy digestive system allows nutrients to be successfully absorbed into and used by your cat's body. IAMS™ cat food contains a fiber blend, including prebiotics and beet pulp, to support your cat's digestive health. 
  • Playfulness: IAMS™ cat food's customized mix of premium, high-quality ingredients contributes to healthy energy levels for your cat. IAMS™ 
High Protein cat food is available now at major retailers and pet stores nationwide in 3, 6 and 13-pound bags. Suggested retail pricing ranges from $7.49 to $22.99. For more details on IAMS™ High Protein cat food, visit Engage with us on social at,, Twitter (@IAMS), and YouTube/IAMS.

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