Saturday, April 22, 2017

Palmetto Puzzles- Wooden Fun for All Ages!

Recently, we had the chance to check out Palmetto Puzzles. The favorites by FAR are the challenging 3 piece puzzles that fit perfectly into the box. Riley and I spent a good part of one evening trying to solve it, and this is the "easy" one! I gave up, and Riley kept trying...I loved to see him engaging so much in something so simple, versus devices.

This morning, Riley got up and went straight for the puzzle again, and within about 30 mins he had solved it! His brother had been at a party, so he didn't get to try until this morning. I took a picture of Riley's completed puzzle, and gave it to Xander, who had it solved in about 5 minutes! I had no idea he would figure it out so quickly. Now, both boys are working on the "medium" and "hard" versions. I definitely recommend giving these a try, they are really fun, and great when you have people over, to try to solve them!

These puzzles and more are available at the Palmetto Puzzle shop on Etsy.

We also got to try Connecting Cats and Puzzle Puppies, which are wooden cat and dog shapes that lock together to form many different designs! Challenge yourself, or just play for fun. 

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