Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Game Night in a Can

Game Night in A Can ages 10 and up

My family LOVES to play games, any kind of games, and we have a ton of them..but our new favorite is Game Night in a Can!

The Game Night in A Can is a fun game which is aimed for ages 10 and up. You can play with 2 or more players. This game requires you to tap into your inner child, with task of making up dance moves, building paper airplanes, creating silly faces and more. The Game Night in A Can comes in a quart size paint can so you can bring it along with you when going to a friends or family members home.

You do need paper and a pencil to play the game! 

We had so much fun playing this game, I loved to watch my kids do the challenges, and we all laughed so much we could barely talk. Such a fun family game! You can purchase it on Amazon

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