Sunday, April 30, 2017

MySuperFoods Organic Kids Snacks

One of my resolutions this year was to go completely organic. I have done pretty well considering that last year we were 0% organic. It's been a challenge, that is for sure. I have to think SO much differently now when I shop, even the things I wouldn't think of that I used to buy like pancake syrup, now I have to make sure it's's not easy, and some of the organic products don't always taste the same, for me, they are fine, but the kids definitely don't love some of the products.

I was really excited for them to try MySuperFoods snacks because along with being organic, they look really tasty! in flavors like:

  • Apple Raisin Soft Granola Bites
  • Chocolate Chip Soft Granola Bites
  • Honey Heroes
  • Chocolate Heroes
There is something for every kid! My kids favorite so far are the Honey Heroes, they say they are similar to a graham cracker. I am so happy they like it, and that I found something everyone can enjoy!

You can check out all of MySuperFoods products here

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

Crazy Richards Peanut Butter

Just when we thought we couldn’t make our single ingredient creamy peanut butter any simpler and cleaner, we went ahead and found a way to ditch the messy spoon! No longer confined to the kitchen cupboard, these little guys are ready to see the world. Comes in a box of 8 packets.

Press about 90% of the oil out of our single ingredient creamy peanut butter and what do you get? Pure PB; a super versatile pure peanut powder that lets you add the flavor and protein from the peanut to anything from baking to shakes. Now in a portable single serve for on the go! (Box contains 8 single serve packets.)

We work out to be healthy, but we pump ourselves full of sugar and chemicals to get through it. That’s nuts! Our protein-packed peanut powder with our signature Burst Blend of natural astaxanthin, decaffeinated green tea extract, and B-vitamins give you the satisfaction and energy you need without the compromises. Now in a portable single serve for on the go! (Box contains 8 single serve packets.)
Read more about our unique Burst Blend and it’s health benefits HERE.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

Wholly Guacamole Layered Dips!

We have always been BIG fans of Wholly Guacamole. I use it every day on my sandwich, you know, for the healthy fat :) I use it every day instead of mayo or cheese, and it's delicious! I was really excited when I saw the new line of Wholly Guacamole Layered Dips!

The new Layered Dips come in three varieties:
  • Black Bean over Guacamole Layered Dip – Black beans provide protein and fiber in this simple yet savory dip
  • Roasted Corn over Guacamole Layered Dip – A smoky combination of roasted corn and chunky guacamole with hints of fiery flavor
  • Spicy Pico over Guacamole Layered Dip – Bursting with flavor, this zesty variety is topped with fresh pico de gallo, offering the perfect amount of heat

My favorite is definitely the Black Bean over Guacamole Layered Dip. I love the beans which make it very hearty, along with the protein and iron. 

The Layered Dips will be available this spring in stores, priced at around $2.99-$3.99

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

Ice Cool Board Game by Brain Games


I love a good family game. Especially one that doesn't take a lot of reading, just skill. The little ones even challenge the older kids with Ice Cool, the game all about skating penguins!

The lunch break is almost there and all of the young penguins would finally get the fish they've been craving for. However, some rascals think they are quick enough to snatch some of the fish before the lunch break starts, but they have forgotten one thing – the Hall Monitor! Each school day one of the penguins is designated to watch over the school, and this is his moment to shine – for each rascal penguin he catches he would get additional fish!

A fun run takes place – the rascals are running everywhere and trying to snatch some fish on their way, but the Hall Monitor is trying to catch each and one of them to have some order in the school. Who will be more successful?

Ice Cool is a flicking game in which each round one of the players takes the role of the Hall Monitor (also called "the Catcher") – his aim will be to catch each other penguin and get points for that. The others (also known as "Runners") will try to run through several doors, thus gaining fish (that give them points) on their way. When either the Hall Monitor has caught each other penguin once or any of the others has gone through all 3 doors that have fish on them, the round is over. Each player will take the role of the Hall Monitor once and at the end of the game the winner will be the one with the most points on their fish cards.

The penguins can be flicked in a straight line, make curves and even jump over the walls! Each player will have to use the b
est of their skills in order to get the most points in this fun and exciting game. It's not just cool, it's ICE COOL!

The kids and I had a great time playing Ice Cool, and it's definitely a part of our family game night now! You can purchase yours here on Amazon for about $25.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

Stonyfield New Drinkables And Double Cream Yogurt

Since Xander broke his arm last year, I have been much more cautious about the calcium intake for my kids. I don't know if he got enough calcium before the break, because he doesn't like milk, so getting his dairy is sometimes hard. One thing he loves though is the drinkable yogurt. I love that Stonyfield Farms products are all organic, and that the drinkable yogurt is a nice big size for a growing boy.

Following successful 2016 launches of Whole Milk Greek Yogurt and Whole Milk Grassfed Yogurt, Stonyfield, the country's leading organic yogurt maker, introduces new Whole Milk Drinkables and Double Cream Yogurt. The new products are the latest in Stonyfield's commitment to investing in its Whole Milk line. The company sees tremendous growth opportunity in this category as more and more Americans are embracing full-fat dairy. As with all Stonyfield products, the Whole Milk Drinkables and Double Cream Yogurt are made with USDA Organic milk without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs.  
  • Whole Milk Drinkables – Perfect for an on-the-go protein snack, the rich and creamy Whole Milk Drinkables contain 6g of protein per serving and are offered in two delicious varieties; Strawberry and Peach. Available at Whole Foods across the country, as well as other select retailers, the 6oz drinkables sell as four-packs and retail for $4.99.
  • Double Cream Yogurt- An indulgence made better with organic ingredients, the Double Cream Yogurt is a good source of protein and an excellent source of both calcium and vitamin D. It is available in Plain and is the perfect size for recipe creation. It retails for $4.99.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Toaster and a Shopkins Waffle Maker!

The kids and I usually eat breakfast in the car on the way to our co-op. We just don't do early mornings (home school, yay!) and getting out the door is hard enough without having to sit down and have breakfast. Sometimes, I have a hard time getting the kids to eat, because they just are not hungry in the mornings. The day I got this Stormtrooper Toaster to try out, was the day that all changed!

Every morning my kids are now asking me for stormtrooper toast. It's so fun, and easy to make!

Behold the Buckethead! Make way for the shock troopers of the Imperial Army. Molded in sturdy white plastic and meticulously detailed, the Stormtrooper Toaster will make a striking addition to your assortment of kitchen electrics. Pop in two pieces of bread, toaster pastries, hamburger buns or English muffins, and in moments it is ejected with the Galactic Empire logo toasted right on them. Like your toast on the darker side? A handy dial provides temperature adjustment. Measuring a hefty 12" X 10" X 8.5" and weighing in at 4.1 lbs. of mystery and menace, the imposing presence of Stormtrooper will help eaters start their day feeling they too are the keenest weapon in the Emperors arsenal!
  • Extra wide AND long toaster slots accommodate ALL types of bread.
  • Toasts: Bread, Waffles, English Muffins, or Toaster Pastry
  • Compact Two-Slice Toaster with Cool-Touch Housing Reheat, Defrost, and Quick Stop Function
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Automatic Manual Switch-Off 
  • Removable Crumb Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Power Supply: 110-120V 60Hz 850W
  • Instruction manual and warranty included 
  • Officially Licensed
  • UL listed
You can purchase the Star Wars Stormtrooper Toaster made by Panega Brands on or here.

Who doesn't love waffles? I don't know anyone! My kids especially love the waffles that come in different fun shapes, and the new waffle maker from Panega Brands is no exception! We flipped out when we saw how cute these waffles are! The Shopkins Mini Waffle Maker is a great addition to your breakfast fun!

Make delicious mini Waffle Sue waffles in a blink with the Shopkins mini waffle maker. Waffles are more fun with your favorite topping, syrup or chocolate for a sweet treat. Nonstick coating makes cleanup easy. The waffle maker features 510 watts of power and ready light, convenient cord wrap and latching handle.
  • Non-Stick Baking Plates
  • Makes mini waffles in the shape of Waffle Sue character
  • Power Light
  • Latching Handle and Non-Skid Rubber Feet
  • Convenient Cord Wrap

You can purchase the Shopkins Mini Waffle Maker on or here

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

Below are some of my favorite products for Father's Day. I hope they give you some inspiration!

Gen-X LR8 Bow 

X-LR8™ is a premium level performance compound bow for advanced game hunting. Engineered for maximum speed and accuracy, X-LR8™ also features the patented Versa Cam System™. X-LR8™ delivers a bow-press-free adjustable draw weight and customizable draw lengths from 19-30 inches along with ergonomic riser and grip designed for stability and a superior hunting experience. Starting at $289.

Performance unleashed. Premium-level power meets maximum speed & accuracy for a compound bow engineered to provide a superior game hunting experience.

Gillette has always celebrated the father/son relationship, as generations of father figures have used Gillette razors to teach their sons how to shave. In this digital age however, where technology plays such a significant role in our daily lives, Gillette has found that dads are increasingly being pushed to the side. In a recent global study by the brand, 84% of guys said their go-to source for information is their phone vs. 13% who said they actually turn to dad first. Moreover, 72% of guys said the one source of information they can’t live without is their phone; only 10% said dad. What’s promising – and what’s brought to life in the video – is that the majority of guys admit their dad offers advice that is right for them or more in-depth than advice they’d ever get from their phone.

With Father’s Day on the horizon, Gillette is putting the spotlight back on father figures around the world by encouraging guys to turn to the better source of wisdom and Go Ask Dad this Father’s Day and every day – because taking a moment to seek out his advice will mean a lot more to him than you might realize.

Gillette’s newest “Go Ask Dad” video – a continuation from last Father’s Day and the latest chapter in the brand’s longstanding commitment to celebrating the father/son relationship – serves as an emotional reminder of the importance of that connection in all facets of life. In the spot, real guys from around the world are invited to test what they believe to be the latest mobile artificial intelligence technology, by asking it questions about a range of topics. The result isn’t what you would expect, as the young men were in for a huge – and most touching – surprise.

Gillette On Demand (formerly known as Gillette Shave Club) now gives guys the choice between on-demand, as-needed ordering OR a fully customizable subscription. The simplest way to reorder blades, it doesn’t get much easier with one of these two convenient options:
  1. Text to re-order blades the moment you run out, simply by texting the word BLADES to the number BLADES (252337).
  2. Subscribe to get $3 off your first order plus every 4th order of blades for free – a subscription that can be fully customized and changed or canceled at any time. 

BaBylissPRO Original FX Corded Trimmer With Outlining T-Blade FX765® ($59.99 at professional beauty supply stores nationwide) It the ideal professional tool for tattooing, outlining, all-around detailing and other fine work. Key Benefits and Features: Ultra-Thin, Adjustable, Zero Gap T-Blade, Extremely Powerful Motor, Ultra-Precise Clean Cut, Lightweight, and Ergonomic Design 8-Foot Cord with On/Off Switch. 

Bring Fun to Dad’s Feet: Add a touch of festivity with our Men’s Fashion Singles featuring styles highlighting everything from parrots to lobsters, and funky stripes to bold colors, Gold Toe knows the perfect way to blend contemporary styling with superb quality.

The SmartCam PT will bring innovation to your home on a whole new level. It’s designed to help you stay connected to your home wherever you are, giving you the ability to watch your pets and children or check to see if everything is safe and sound, all through your smartphone and tablet.
  • The Pan and Tilt feature offers full visibility of your home with a 350° pan and 155° tilt, along with a 96° field of view
  • Remotely track any subject or object within the SmartCam's view with Auto Tracking
  • Privacy Mode makes it easy to give you the space you want, when you want by tilting the camera head down 80° to hide the lens
  • Two-Way Talk allows you to interact with your family and pets while you’re away from home 
  • Motion Zone Select helps reduce false alerts by detecting events only in the specific areas that you select, up to three areas

  • 1080P Full HD Live Streaming
  • Pan (350°) and Tilt (155°)
  • Auto Tracking
  • Privacy Mode
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Motion Zone Select
  • Night Vision with IR LED
  • Event Notification
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • SDXC Memory Card Slot (Max. 128GB)

Brighten Your Home in minutes with the easy to install SnapPower outlet cover. SnapPower is easy-to-install, sleek, and energy-efficient. Design to safely transform your outlet cover-plate into a convenient night light. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use! Purchase here!

The SnapPower Charger is easy-to-install, sleek, and energy-efficient. With design safely to transform your outlet cover-plate into a convenient USB charger. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use! You can purchase here.

Matador Beef Jerky 
The perfect protein-packed, great tastin’, easy eatin’ snack to fuel the manly man in your life. Available in a wide variety of flavors, Matador Beef Jerky is a great option for outdoors lovers, road travelers and dads that generally want a great snack in the afternoon at work.

Enjoy crisp hydration wherever you may roam with the LifeStraw Go Filtered Water Bottle. Ideal for hikers, this innovative water bottle features a LifeStraw filter that lets you quickly turn water from a river or pond into instant clean, drinkable water.

  • Meets US EPA drinking water standards
  • Sturdy and ultralight: weighs only 5.9 ounces (168 grams)
  • Portable: only 9.25” (235 mm) long and 3.14” (80 mm) in diameter
  • Features a flip-top bite valve and carabineer for attaching to your backpack
  • Requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts
  • Storage volume: 22 ounces / 0.65 liters
  • BPA Free and contains no chemicals
  • Raw materials meet US Food and Drug Administration regulations and standards
  • No aftertaste: LifeStraw doesn’t use iodine or iodinated resin chemicals
Tapout Body Sprays, a new line of six high-performance scents, is the latest launch for the premier fitness brand Tapout®. The Tapout Body Sprays Collection are now available at Walmart stores and inspires every individual to push the boundaries and ignite the strength needed to break through barriers.
The scents the new Tapout Body Sprays are available in are: 
  • Fuel
  • Core
  • Focus
  • Defy
  • Control 
  • Victory
Each of these are available at Walmart priced at around $7.98

Chapstick is such a great gift for dads. It's classic. It's something useful, and it shows how much you care. My dad always had chapped lips from being outside working in the snow, and now my husband has dry lips from being out in the sun all day. Give dad a gift he can use this year with original classic Chapstick flavors like

  • Original
  • Spearmint
  • Strawberry
  • Cherry
  • Medicated

G2 Limited: Pilot's signature G2 gel ink pen dressed up for the occasion, the G2 Limited combines the unsurpassed smooth writing of G2 gel ink with a premium metal barrel in rich matte color, premium metal accents and a comfortable color coordinated rubber grip. The perfect go-to pen for any dad looking to add a bit of style and sophistication to their everyday tasks. Price: $15.45.

Dial for Men Recharge Wash ($4.49; Available at grocery, drug and mass retailers nationwide) NEW Dial ® for Men Recharge Wash features is formulated with caffeine and protein to leave your hair, body and face feeling revitalized and fresh. A single product for your hair, body and face, Revitalizing body wash, Caffeine and protein infused, Leaves skin feeling fresh. 

What if you could carry in the palm of your hand a guitar amp that had access to virtually any guitar sound you can imagine? And what if you could drive a 4x12" cab with it with no additional gear needed? Now you can with the new iRig Nano Amp — the first micro guitar amp and interface for the mobile guitarist.

iRig Nano Amp is a super-compact battery-powered self contained micro amp and interface for iOS that you can use by itself, with headphones or even an external speaker cabinet — this power-packed amazing little amp can drive up to a 4x12" guitar cab! But what makes it more versatile than any other micro amp is that it features the iRig circuitry so you can plug your iPhone or iPad into it with the included TRRS cable and tap into the limitless world of AmpliTube guitar tone and more on your iPhone and iPad.

The Nest earphone holder is the most convenient, simple-to-use product available for keeping earbuds safe and tangle-free.

  • Stores earbuds in seconds
  • Keeps earpieces, mics and cords fully protected
  • Releases earbuds instantly and tangle-free with a single pull
  • Made from a single piece of premium-quality, highly durable silicone
  • Compact, soft and flexible to fit easily in pockets, purses, bags, etc.
  • Accommodates most earbud designs with cords up to 48″ long, including Apple iPods
Hit the Links With Gold Toe Golf: For the golfing dad, the Gold Toe Golf collection provides comfort and breathability whether they are walking 18 holes or just caddying with the boys. The Fairway collection performance socks are golf inspired and offer many features to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable. With cooling mesh, Aquafx® moisture control, reinforced heel and toe and arch support, the FAIRWAY line is the winning choice for any player on or off the greens. For the 19th hole, the Clubhouse dress sock pairs impeccable style with performance for a golf-inspired look after a day on the greens.

Stay Away® is a product created by a sustainably-minded team:
It Prevents:  

  • Stay Away®'s patented pouch design delivers a long-lasting, slow release of proven essential oils, quickly repelling pests from treated areas, and reliably preventing re-infestation for up to three months.
  • Simply place Stay Away® pouches in any indoor/enclosed areas for ant, moth, spider or rodent infestations.
It Preserves:

Great Performance Starts Feet First: Each pair of PowerSox contain features such as AquaFX moisture management, arch support, strike zone cushioning and breathable vents deliver constant support to your feet, allowing for consistent performance in the gym, yard or company softball game.

Pert Products

NEW Hydrating:   Enriched with Triple Vitamin Complex. Helps give hair long lasting hydration and improve the condition of damaged hair.
For dry hair.

Classic Clean:  Delivers clean, conditioned and healthy looking hair. The “Hero” flavor or the “Lebron James” of Pert.
For normal hair. 

Anti-Dandruff:  100% Flake Free Guaranteed.*
*Free of visible flakes with regular use.
For flake free hair.

Strengthening:  Enriched with Bamboo Extr
act. Helps increase hair strength, prevent hair breakage and improve overall hair health with a clean and bold scent.
For weak and damaged hair.

Thickening 2X:   Boosted with Caffeine. Helps hair feel fuller and look thicker with a fresh and clean scent.  For thin hair.

Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt ($5.00, Walmart & Target)This fragrance free soak helps relieve muscle tension - many athletes use Epsom Salt as a natural remedy that helps remove lactic acid and impurities to soothe muscle aches and speed recovery. Soaking in Epsom Salt and Epsom Salt compresses help to alleviate pain and swelling from sprains, bruises and sore muscles. It has been recommended for everything from eliminating toxins to relieving mosquito bites, splinters, bee stings and even helping acne!
Dr Teal’s Pre & Post Workout Collection Epsom Salt Soaking Solution ($5.00, Walmart & Target) Epsom salt removes lactic acid and impurities to revitalize tired, achy muscles and helps for a speedy recovery.

Dr Teal’s For Men Epsom Salt Soaking Solution ($5.00, Walmart & Target) This new Dr Teal’s product addresses men’s needs perfectly. This 12-minute power soak is perfect if you’re looking to relieve and revitalize overworked muscles without having to set too much time aside. Rich minerals absorb through the skin, offering immediate relief to your sore muscles. 

Metropolitan: Meticulously designed with brass barrel and stainless accents and nib, the Metropolitan is available in three premium matte finishes and barrel designs -- the perfect tool to suit any dad's taste. The Metropolitan conservative price point provides moms with the right amount of style, within budget. 

Authentic BBQ staves from barrels used to age our award winning Heritage Distilling Company Whiskeys.
Great to use on your BBQ or smoker to bring rich, smoky, whiskey flavor to your burgers, steaks, ribs and roasts.

Stay in contact during intense video games with this Turtle Beach Recon Chat headset for the Xbox One. Its 40mm driver provides crystal-clear chat audio, and the open ear cup on one side lets you hear the stereo speakers of your computer or HDTV. The SpecsFit design of this reversible Turtle Beach Recon Chat headset suits spectacled gamers comfortably.

The leaders and pioneers of mobile music making now bring you another breakthrough in mobile guitar interfaces — the iRig HD 2, the next generation of the immensely popular iRig HD interface.

iRig HD 2 gives you a totally new level of mobile playability with intuitive new player-centric features like high-quality 24-bit/96kHz audio, an integrated headphone out with level control, a new Amp out jack with switchable output, full versions of AmpliTube for Mac, PC & iOS, plus total mobility and connectivity for playing anywhere, any time.

iRig HD 2 at a glance

  • High definition digital guitar interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC
  • High-quality instrument-level 1/4" Hi-Z input jack
  • Detachable cables for Lightning and USB included
  • Preamp input gain control
  • Headphone output with preamp and level control
  • 1/4" Amp Out jack with switchable output “FX” and “Thru”
  • High-quality low-noise, high-definition guitar preamp
  • High-quality 24-bit A/D conversion
  • 96kHz sampling rate – the highest in its class
  • Powered by the iOS device or USB
  • Can be used with line level signals from synthesizers, keyboards and mixers
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight – fits in your pocket, laptop bag or gig bag
  • Comes with microphone stand mounting clip and Velcro strip
  • Comes with AmpliTube 4 for Mac/PC
  • Unlocks full version features and gear of AmpliTube for iOS (Free download from App Store)
Groove Ring is the world's first breathable active ring that is not only super comfortable but functional.  Born from need, GROOVE raises the bar on traditional silicone, activewear rings with its flexible material, patent pending inner breathable design, and beautiful colors.
Groove is the active, silicone ring designed for you - the athlete, the adventurer, the professional, the trend setter. It begs to be worn, shown and tested everyday no matter what the circumstance.  Groove is for the married and non-married alike who want to make a statement of the lifestyle they live.  

NBA Playgrounds 

Classic NBA arcade action is back! Take your “A” game to the playground and beat the best in high-flying 2-on-2 basketball action. Practice your skills offline, play with up to three others, or take your talents online to posterize your opponents with acrobatic jams and ridiculous displays of skill. NBA Playgrounds will be released on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

iKlip Grip Pro is the new large-grip, compact multifunctional iPhone and camera stand with an integrated detachable Bluetooth shutter control that is really 4 accessories in one: super secure tabletop tripod, large-grip video handle, monopod handle and standard tripod adapter. iKlip Grip Pro can securely hold any iPhone with or without a case, and features a standard mounting system for connecting small mobile video cameras like GoPro®, compact digital cameras and stand-mount audio field recorders.

iKlip Grip Pro features a large, ergonomic handle that expands into a sturdy tripod, an integrated locking extension pole that extends up to 62 cm (24") for getting those “above the crowd” shots and selfies, plus a detachable Bluetooth shutter control for remote shooting.

Handable Phone Holders are perfect for dad if he is always using his phone! I know my hands get very tired when I am talking or texting. 


  • Adjust to any hand size
  • Rotates endlessly
  • Adapts to user's hold pattern
  • Adjusts for texting portrait
  • Adjusts for texting landscape
  • Chord axis is unbreakable
  • Multidirectional movement
  • Right or left hand use
  • Gripping not required
  • Dome is parked when done
  • Highly visible dome may be custom

The Stanley Classic Wide Mouth flask is a necessity for every traveler. Its leakproof design makes it easy to bring your favorite HDC spirit along with you. Made from stainless steel so it won’t rust and is naturally BPA free.

Dove Men + Care Elements

Bar Soap:
• Infused with nature’s refreshers, Minerals + Sage
• Delivers a boost of freshness that leaves you renewed
• Developed specifically for men’s skin
• Cleanses without dryness or tightness
• Refreshing scent

Unlike standard men’s soap bars, Dove Men+Care Minerals + Sage bar works to not only give skin a strong cleanse, but also leave you energized and feeling renewed. Specifically developed for men’s skin, it delivers a boost of freshness wi

th every use. Using ¼ moisturizing cream, this Dove Men+Care bar washes away dirt and oil. It’s a body and face bar that thoroughly cleans without leaving skin feeling tight, dry, or irritated.


• Tough on odor, not on skin
• Engineered to provide 48-hour effective odor protection
• ¼ moisturizer technology helps to protect the skin
• Men’s deodorant stick infused with the essence of minerals + sage
• Provides a boost of freshness leaving underarms feeling refreshed

Dove Men+Care Minerals + Sage Deodorant Stick combines the essence of Earth’s elements with the clinically tested Dove Men+Care formula – proven to effectively prevent odor. Combining the essence of minerals and sage, this deodorant stick for men prevents odor for 48 hours. Plus, ¼ moisturizer technology gives your underarm skin the protection it needs. The Minerals + Sage Deodorant Stick infuses the essence of Earth’s elements; minerals and sage for freshness to match its power of protection. It’s a men’s deodorant stick that’s tough on odor, not on skin.

Shampoo +Conditioner:

• Invigorating men’s shampoo and conditioner
• Enriched with minerals and sage
• Specially engineered for men who want deeply clean hair
• Strengthens hair fiber, leaving hair visibly healthy and more resilient
• Revitalizes hair with a fresh scent that lasts up to 24 hours

Feel the revitalizing freshness of sage with Dove Men+Care Minerals + Sage Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner. This men’s shampoo and conditioner is specifically engineered to strengthen hair fibers. Hair is left visibly healthier and more resilient. This 2-in-1 shampoo for men gives a burst of fragrance for invigorated hair. Mineral shampoo engineered for men who deeply clean hair with a refreshing effect.

Dry Spray:

• An antiperspirant that’s tough on sweat, not on skin
• Engineered to provide 48-hour effective sweat + odor protection
• ¼ moisturizer technology protects skin
• Inspired by Earth’s elements minerals + sage
• Clinically proven non-irritating formula
• Goes on instantly dry

For powerful protection against sweat, the best spray antiperspirant for men uses powerful technology. Discover the power of Dove Men+Care Minerals + Sage Dry Spray antiperspirant deodorant, for a boost of freshness. This dry spray takes complete control of wetness while protecting the skin with ¼ moisturizer technology. Clinically proven to provide 48 hours of protection, this dry spray antiperspirant for men goes on instantly dry. Dove Men+Care Minerals + Sage Dry Spray gives skin complete comfort and protection – for an energizing freshness that lasts.

Rapala products can be used by anyone, and are perfect for fathers at any fishing level or who are teaching their children to fish. Being the most trusted name in fishing for over 80 years, Rapala lures and gear practically guarantee a successful day on the water. Offering the world’s favorite lures, strongest line, must-have tools and accessories, Rapala has it all.

Check out some of the latest gear from Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands:

Smart Relief offers powerful, portable relief of knee and shoulder pain by bringing TENS technology to pain sufferers in a convenient, affordable way. FDA approved for relief of chronic pain associated with arthritis. Blocks the body's pain signals by sending gentle electrical pulses along the nerve, which reach the brain before the pain signals do. The electrical pulses of Smart Relief are generated by a small, battery-powered device and provides the same type of TENS relief you find in physical therapy facilities. Smart Relief offers 63 customizable intensity levels; is safe, FDA approved, easy to use with no wires, no assembly and no prescription needed. Icy Hot Smart Relief Tens Therapy Starter Kit includes a control unit, 3V battery, reusable electrode pad and a user guide.

Feeling the burn? Focus on the benefits of exercise, not the heat, with the Ultra Air 48” Performance 3-Speed Tower Fan. A fresh air ionizer refreshes spaces like living rooms, bedrooms and bonus rooms that are used for workouts. Its slim, space-saving design fits into any home area and an electronic 7-hour timer with digital read-out gives users an efficient and easy way to stay cool.
·         Product size: 13”L x 13”W x 48”H
·         MSRP: $54.99
·         Retailer: Sam’s Club

Optic White® Radiant

Whitens both Inside and Out, For A Radiant™, Whiter Smile Introducing Radiant™, by Colgate® Optic White® Professionally recommended whitening ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. Unlike other whitening toothpastes, Radiant™ whitens teeth both inside and out. It removes deep set teeth stains below the tooth’s surface for a Radiant™, whiter smile.

Heritage Distilling Brown Sugar Bourbon

Corn/Rye/Malted Barley mash.
Barreled at less than 125 proof for <2 years in new American Oak Charred Barrels, then cut to 60 proof using our private crystal clear water source with natural Brown Sugar and Cinnamon flavors added.
30% ABV/60 Proof
Try BSB:
By the shot.
In your favorite hot beverage.
Chilled or on ice.
Mixed in cola
Award Winner!
  • Best of Category – Flavored Whiskey from the American Distilling Institute 2016
  • Gold Medal – Flavored Whiskey from the American Distilling Institute 2016
  • Gold Medal – Seattle International Spirits Awards 2016

If you are purchasing a cake for your dad this Father's Day don't forget the ice cream! 

Graeter’s Ice Cream is a nationally recognized and awarded ice cream brand that was founded over 146 years ago in Cincinnati, OH. The fourth-generation family owned and operated company has perfected the art of using the French Pot, a traditional, small batch artisanal process of making ice cream. Known for their indulgent, premium flavors and ingredients, they’re also widely recognized for their gargantuan gourmet chocolate chips. With so many amazing flavors to choose from it's hard to decide! I think some of my absolute favorites are: Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Coconut Chocolate Chip Madagascar Vanilla Bean Bananas Foster Gelato.

You can purchase Graeter's Ice Cream at your local Wal-mart, Whole Foods and at their website here.

Turn it on...mosquitoes gone! The Thermacell Backpacker repels mosquitoes and other biting insects by creating a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection. Utilizing the same camping gas canisters that backpackers and campers have in their bag already, the compact and lightweight Backpacker Repeller is an essential piece of gear.
  • Lightweight, minimalist design: 114g/4.0 oz
  • Compact and portable: 97mm H x 50mm W x 67mm L
  • Fuel Efficient - up to 90 hours of run-time from even the smallest 4 oz gas canister
  • Fuel System – Works only with camping gas canisters: pressurized (iso)butane and propane fuel mix
  • Integrated Piezo starter
  • Gentle heat activates the repelling ingredient
  • Water-resistant nylon carry pouch included
  • Won’t harm gear

Behold the Buckethead! Make way for the shock troopers of the Imperial Army. Molded in sturdy white plastic and meticulously detailed, the Stormtrooper Toaster will make a striking addition to your assortment of kitchen electrics. Pop in two pieces of bread, toaster pastries, hamburger buns or English muffins, and in moments it is ejected with the Galactic Empire logo toasted right on them. Like your toast on the darker side? A handy dial provides temperature adjustment. Measuring a hefty 12" X 10" X 8.5" and weighing in at 4.1 lbs. of mystery and menace, the imposing presence of Stormtrooper will help eaters start their day feeling they too are the keenest weapon in the Emperors arsenal!

  • Extra wide AND long toaster slots accommodate ALL types of bread.
  • Toasts: Bread, Waffles, English Muffins, or Toaster Pastry
  • Compact Two-Slice Toaster with Cool-Touch Housing Reheat, Defrost, and Quick Stop Function
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Automatic Manual Switch-Off 
  • Removable Crumb Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Power Supply: 110-120V 60Hz 850W
  • Instruction manual and warranty included 
  • Officially Licensed
  • UL listed

Music is the perfect gift to the dads in your life, and JBL delivers top-notch sound and durability with their line of Bluetooth speakers. TheJBL Xtreme enables users to connect up to three smartphones or tablets through Bluetooth and play earth-shaking, powerful stereo sound from their personal device. Music lovers can use this speaker in the rain and the great outdoors with its durable fabric material, rubber housing and splash proof design. Dads can have their favorite music with them while celebrating Father’s Day during incredible summer weather, by cooking out at the grill, doing yard work, or hanging out in “man town.” A bonus: the Xtreme has up to 15 hours of powerful battery life to keep the beats going.

INTRODUCING THE BEST SCENT KNOWN TO MAN. (AND WOMAN.) Sprinkle on new GOLD BOND Ultimate Men’s Essentials Body Powder with Refresh 360 scent. Its premium formulation absorbs odor and wetness to refresh and comfort your manly skin. And speaking of manly, you’ll love the clean, crisp irresistible scent. And you won’t be the only one.GOLD BOND Ultimate Men’s Essentials Body Powder with Refresh 360 scent provides all over odor and wetness control plus the refreshing scent of a body deodorant spray. And it’s great to use before work or physical activity, right after showering to stay cool, or before heading out for the night.

Ideal for home gyms, garages, work spaces and more, the Pro-Performance High Velocity Utility Fan gives flexibility and power. A pivoting blower delivers high velocity air flow where needed, offering cooling, ventilating, exhausting and drying capabilities, while a convenient, ten-foot cord with grounded plug lets active consumers place it almost anywhere. Two 120-volt accessory outlets allow for the addition of essential lighting or multi-fan connection to mimic the outdoors.
·         Product size: 11.5”L x 14.5”W x 14.75”H
·         MSRP: $79.99
·         Retailer: Home Depot

Instead of a new tie or some golf club covers, get Dad something that will make him smile and remind him not only of his children, but of his childhood too: Image3D’s RetroViewer and custom photo reels. 

Image3D allows customers to create 3D viewers and custom photo reels from their own digital photos. A viewer and photo reel sells for $29.95.
  • Record memories showing the kids growing up, whether it has been two years or twenty!
  • Use some of shutterbug Dad’s best family photos that have been sitting in digital limbo
  • A lasting memory for the very first Father’s Day
  • With worldwide shipping, students or grown children who can’t make it home can still have a way to be there with Dad.
To see how your father might react to receiving a personalized RetroViewer, here's a video of one dad's Father's Day surprise.

From the makers of Honest Tea, comes Honest Sport! A drink for the sporty dads. 

All Honest Products use Organic ingredients, are non GMO and gluten free. You can pick some up at your local grocery store. 

Honest Sport is available in 3 varieties: 

  • Lemon
  • Berry
  • Orange

  • Be prepared at your next merger or acquisition meeting
  • This briefcase looks and feels like the very same sleek briefcase a power player carries with important documents
  • Once past the dual combination locks and metal clasps, you will find heavy duty, insulated foam molded to fit 6 of your favorite bottled beers.
  • Be the life of office after-hour parties by calling your own meeting. Set the case on the table and say "Gentlemen, ladies, I have important business in this briefcase that I need your assistance with." Then open to reveal 6 of your ice cold "businesses" and enjoy!
  • Case measures 18-in w x 12-in t x 3-1/2-in deep. Openings in foam measure 2-1/2-in wide x 9-1/2-in tall. Bottles that are larger or wider than this will not fit. Metal exterior and foam insert. Lest we have to say this ... beer is not included! How do we know what double IPA you like?

Throw the best Father's Day cookout with Moore’s amazingly delicious marinades and sauces. Over thirty years ago in Alabama, a family-owned steakhouse put their signature touch on their poultry and beef. It quickly became a staple in their small town for its delightful, hickory taste.  Whether you crave a sweet, sticky taste or a hot, tangy flavor, Moore’s has a stellar lineup of products for you and your friends to grub on. Everyone in your neighborhood will be asking for the recipe after they get a taste of these amazing sauces. Marinate and savor ‘Moore’ flavor than ever before in your wings, burgers, and meats!

Mark your ball like a pro with Tin Cup! Whether you’re a die-hard golfer or more of a casual player, give your gear some personality with this unique way to identify your ball on the green. Guaranteed for the lifetime of your golf game, this 100% stainless steel ball marker was voted one of the best new overall products at the PGA Merchandise Show! With over 150 cups to choose from, you can find a favorite for the dedicated golfer in your life or even create a custom cup for that special someone.

The JBL Clip 2 is an ultra-light, ultra-rugged and ultra-powerful portable speaker. Completely waterproof, the JBL Clip 2 provides 8 hours of playtime, allowing you to take your music wherever you go, be it land or water. Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth, or plug it into any smartphone or tablet with its attached audio cable. You can also wirelessly connect two Clip 2 speakers together to enjoy amplified sound. Use the speakerphone to make clear, noise and echo free phone calls. The JBL Clip 2 is covered with durable waterproof fabric, and earns its name with its upgraded carabiner, clipping to your clothes or backpack to take on any adventure.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.