Sunday, March 12, 2017

Water Wubble Water Balloons

Who doesn't love water balloons? I know I did as a kid, and even as a mom, I love having water balloon fights with my kids! What I don't love is the filling and tying, and finding the itty bitty pieces in the yard when we are done.

Water Wubble Waterballoon Balls are the new best way to have a water balloon fight! All you do is fill with water, push the end of the water balloon inside itself and you have a nice, big, FULL water balloon, that even the kids can refill themselves because they NEVER pop!

Water Wubble Water Balloons come in a pack of 8, with 2 colors so you can play on teams! 

Water Wubble Ball- The makers of the Super Wubble bubble ball bring you Water Wubble, the amazing refillable water balloon.

The Water Wubble Ball Refillable Water Balloons Features:
  • Revolutionary, patent-pending design allows it be filled easily and used over and over
  • One set takes the place of hundreds and hundreds of regular water balloons
  • Easy-fill nozzle allows for filling by just pressing up to the faucet, holding under running water or filling from swimming pools, or any other body of water
  • Reusable, so there is no need to waste time running around your backyard picking up all those broken water balloon pieces
  • Seals itself so no more struggling to fill and tie water balloons

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