Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Silly Street The Game by Buffalo Games

With homeschooling, my kids tend to get out and about a little more than a public schooled child. We are always on the go, we do school work at the park on most days, that's a benefit to living in Florida! But, even with getting out, there are definitely times when I feel like we are home and not as active as I would like to be, especially with some of the kids now wanting to play a lot of video games. 

Recently, I was sent Silly Street game by Buffalo Games to check out with the kids, and they LOVED it! First of all, it says 4 years and up, and with our family, that was a definite. I would make sure the kids are at least 4 to play. Second, my older kids loved this as much if not more than the younger! 

Silly Street is a super fun, extra silly game that gets kids up and moving, while teaching them valuable character-building skills like creativity, adaptability, confidence and enthusiasm! Each player takes a turn drawing a card, following the hilarious instructions on the card (like singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" in a deep hippo voice or doing karate like a kangaroo) and then moving the number of spaces shown on the card down Silly Street. 

Buffalo Games has so many different games to choose from, We are definitely going to be checking out more!

Here are just a few that look really fun.

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