Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Macroon Detangling Hair Brush by Milk + Sass

Macaron Detangling Hair Brush by Milk + Sass

I was born with super fine hair, it won't hold a curl for anything and sadly my daughter's seem to have their mother's hair as well. We can brush all we want but every morning we wake up with these horrible rats nest! Nothing hurts more than brushing our hair, I have given up a few times and just cut off chunks so I can get some sanity out of it. Thankfully this is no more! Thanks to the NEW Macaron detangling brush by Milk + Sass.

Milk + Sass knew what they were doing when they created the Macaron Detangling Brush. It is super cute, perfect size for any purse or if you really wanna you can get in your pocket! Even better the Macaron detangling brush comes with a mirror, so you can check yourself as often as you wish.

My daughter's were asked which colors they would like best and the younger one loves the color purple and the older one likes pink, so I received a soft pastel in both colors! There are so many colors to choose from, with the Macaron brush, they have a soft feel to them very smooth. So I tried out the pink brush on my daughters, they didn't even notice I was brushing their hair. It works that great! The Macaron is made up of a lot of small and large fine plastic bristles, so they capture and detangle the hairs without the pain.

You can purchase the all new Macaron  Detangling Brush from Milk + Sass here on their website.

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