Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

New for fall 2016 and for the first time ever, CPK baby so real allows you to enjoy one of the most magical and interactive experiences in the history of the baby doll category. 

These life-like babies combine traditional play patterns with groundbreaking technology. Baby so real's interactive sweet baby sounds and random reactions are designed to surprise and delight. With your touch, baby so real comes to life with beautifully animated LCD eyes that open, close and look around. 

Loaded with realistic features that encourage interactive nurturing play, baby so real has sensors for peek-a-boo and tickle play, feeding from a special bottle, burping, diaper changing, and rocking to sleep. If your baby should develop a Fever, you can calm those red cheeks by administering TLC from a magical spoon. 

Just like the original Cabbage Patch Kids, baby so real is soft and cuddly with removable clothes. And for advanced play, baby so real has its own free app that allows your phone or tablet to simulate a baby monitor. 

The online mode allows you to see the virtual nursery where you can play with your baby, feed, diaper burp and administer TLC. You can also play games, watch video clips and earn baby points for additional virtual accessories and new features. 

Baby so real comes with a fully removable outfit and diaper, a special interactive bottle and medicine spoon, birth Certificate and adoption papers and a free baby monitor style app for additional virtual play. You can purchase at your local ToysRUs and on Amazon here (others to choose from).

Attack on Titan Game

Attack on Titan closely follows the riveting story-line of the anime's first season and focuses on the exploits of various key characters, putting the player in a position to relive its most shocking, courageous and exhilarating moments. It revolves around the story of three young people who survive the destruction of their walled city district by enormous, man-eating Titans and eventually go on to join the Scout Regiment in order to protect humanity from this overpowering foe. You can purchase at your local retail store or on Amazon as well. 

Super Dungeon Bros.

Embark on a quest from the gods of rock with heavy metal heroes Axl, Lars, Freddie and Ozzie in Super Dungeon Bros, a fast paced, action focused, rock themed dungeon brawler! Play on your own or with up to 4 friends in couch or online co-op as you raid the deepest dungeons of Rokheim in search of epic loot, hordes of evil undead and the legends of long lost fabled rock stars! Wield wicked weapons with devastating destruction or exploit the punishing puzzles and terrifying traps that will slice and dice foes and bros alike. Fling your friends onto far off ledges and distant trap triggers, hurl your bros at advancing attackers or unleash your tag team tactics with the ultimate bro-op offensive! If really you're up for the challenge, test your heavy metal in the deadly daily dungeon or master the way of the wicked weekly dungeon and climb to the peak of the global leaderboards. Just remember, always put your BrosB4Foes! You can purchase at your local retail store, Best Buy and on Amazon

Playing and learning are not mutually exclusive according to toymaker, Revell models. Their new Junior Kit line allows kids to polish their mechanical skills and have a blast doing so! The product line includes a sleek racecarcool convertibleofficious police carrugged off-roader, and a shiny firetruck. Kids as young as 4 years old can assemble these models themselves thanks to parts that easily screw on with the use of tools provided. After building, you can zoom the cars all over town! These easy to build vehicles typically include 21-41 pieces along with enhanced features such as decal stickers and are available from $17.99 to $29.99 at Hobby Lobby and are also available on Amazon.

Mark Morris Infinite Air

Explore a vast backcountry, fully customize your own mountain ranges and build your own parks in the most authentic snowboarding game ever created. With fluid, physics-driven control mechanics, procedural mountain generation and real-world competitions like Slope style, Half pipe and Big Air you'll ride your way through infinite powder and realistic runs - all the way to the top alongside pro boarder Mark Morris. You can find in local retail stores as well as on Amazon here

Sequence Cats features all your favorite felines. It's the Purrrrfect Sequence game for cat lovers everywhere! Easy enough for children yet challenging enough for adults, Sequence Cats is an exciting game of strategy. Play a card from your hand, place a chip on a corresponding playing mat space and when you have 5 in a row, it's a "sequence" and you win. You can purchase Sequence Cats on Amazon here

If your child LOVES crafts this is the place to go! DIYhappykits, has a selection of fun easy to do crafts for children, here are a few examples of the crafts which you can purchase from DIYhappykits.

Make a family of little people, ready for any adventure or story! Use decoupage technique to create fun outfits and creations for your family of little people. Kit includes: 8 peg dolls (different sizes) Decorative paper, Decoupage medium, Decorative gems, Ribbon, Wool, You'll need: Imagination and stories to go with your little people.

Catch bad dreams in the hoop and let the good dream flow down to you at night. A lovely Native American craft to capture dreams at night. Kit includes: A 5" ring,Yarn, Beads, Feathers, You'll need: Imagination and stories to capture your bad dreams!  You can purchase these and more fun kits by visiting DIYhappykits website here

Sequence Dogs features a unique collection of cuddly canines. "Fetch" your family and friends for a fun, strategic game of Sequence Dogs. Easy enough for children yet challenging enough for adults, Sequence Cats is an exciting game of strategy. Play a card from your hand, place a chip on a corresponding playing mat space and when you have 5 in a row, it's a "sequence" and you win. You can purchase Sequence Dogs on Amazon here

Follow the stone trail through the earth's habitats. Learn about our environment and discover ways to improve it. Answer a knowledge card question correctly and collect one "Habitat Card". The player with the most "Habitat Cards" at the end of the trail is the winner. But all the players are winners in this fun, fact learning game. Ages 8-adult, 2-6 players. Custom "knowledge cards" that ask wonderful questions and teach the answers as well as being "understandable" for all ages. Custom wisdom cards that tell about hazards to the environment and solutions to make things better for all of us. Game board that features the habitats of the earth. English and spanish game instructions. You can purchase Sequence Cats on Amazon here

Everyone loves bingo the puppy. Unleash this playful pup and watch him bounce, tumble and roll over! then match his 'spots' to a space on your game board and place a chip there. Be the first player with three chips in a row and you win!. You can purchase on Amazon here

Fling A Ring is a "NEWLY" invented Ultimate outdoor game. Patented by design for the unique locking feature arms. It is a twist between jarts, horseshoes, and disc, golf. The discs are professional weight, safe and flexible, RH or LH by flipping the disc over and float for water play. 2 teams of 2, 4 players that throw the disc at opposing posts for points. Fling A Ring scoring is 1 point within a disc length of post, 2 points by hitting post, 3 points for a ringer in arm area, and the Ultimate 4 point "Ringer" for the small hole hook. First team to 21 points wins...must win by 2 points. Ages from 5 to 85 can enjoy this game with light and safe discs. The unique locking arm design allows the thrown disc to lock onto the opposing post when throw. The speed and spin of the throw will affect the locking arm feature. Discs will not damage grass. Additional posts can be ordered for backyard golf. If you enjoy outdoor games and tailgating, Fling A Ring is the Ultimate game for you. WARNING: Fling A Ring is extremely addictive and fun for all ages and skill set. You can purchase Fling a Ring on Amazon

Really Bad Art is what you're making in this party game, but not because you're a terrible drawer, no — only because you have exactly six seconds to see what you're supposed to draw, then draw it!

Each round, each player secretly takes a card with two phrases like "lack of confidence", "quality of life", "constructive criticism", or "yikes!", then draws a representation of one of those phrases based on whichever color was chosen. Those cards are then shuffled with a dummy card and laid out next to the game board, after which everyone secretly votes on which piece of art corresponds to which card. Guess correctly, and you score two points; have others guess your phrase correctly, and you score one point.

Blast off on a location-hopping adventure through the Star Wars galaxy, from Tatooine and the Death Star, to Jakku and more! Search the galaxy for over a thousand characters, starships, Droids, and artifacts in a quest to find R2-D2!. Can be purchased at Target and on Target's website here, you can also find at Walmart and on Amazon

Being a super hero means facing challenges with a can-do attitude! In this game you will train to be a super hero by performing unexpected feats of skill! At any time you may be called upon to put your training to the test by battling the villainous Green Goblin! Have fun and discover all the new things you can do!. You can purchase on Amazon and at Walmart

Counting campers is both great fun and educational. Peg "campers" race along the tracks to be the first to reach the campsite. This fun child's board game goes beyond entertaining, by challenging the young players in an exciting learning adventure! the young player will have opportunities to practice counting, learn the concept of forward and backward, come to understand plus(+) and minus(-) along with developing small motor skills and eye-hand coordination. You can purchase on Amazon here. 

The Runbow Deluxe Edition includes the critically acclaimed Wii U party game with all the DLC. New DLC includes new levels, costumes/ characters, game modes and more! Runbow is a fast, frantic game for 1-9 players that will keep you running back for more. The world changes with each swipe of the background, so you'll have to stay on your toes as platforms and obstacles disappear. If you can't see something, it doesn't exist. Play with up to 9 friends locally or online. With hundreds of levels, dozens of costumes, and more indie guest characters than you can handle, you better get ready to Runbow! You can purchase the Runbow Deluxe Edition on Amazon and at your local retail store. 

Tumblestone is the first original action-puzzle game of the past twenty years. Race your friends in multiplayer or challenge yourself in story mode. Solve progressively more difficult and creative puzzles, help a sausage make friends, and find out what happened to the Tumble crown. Tumblestone completely reinvents the matching genre into a deep and cerebral puzzle solving experience that you won't forget. You can purchase Tumblestone at your local retail and on Amazon.

3 In One Jumbo Checkers from Cracker Barrel

This reversible rug gives folks 3 great ways to have fun: Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, and Super Tic Tac Toe! Made from recycled materials, the rugs are hand-woven on looms that date back to the 1920s. The plastic game pieces are made from repurposed dashboard plastic that didn't quite make the auto manufacturer's cut. Children and adults will enjoy playing these three great games over and over! Ages 5 to Adult.

He’ll be adventure ready in this retro-cool hiking boot with faux-fur cuff.  The hook-and-loop strap closure provides an adjustable fit and reflective details provide safety and visibility when the sun goes down. The lining pops out for quick drying or to accommodate orthotics. Also Available in Big Kid sizes.

  • Waterproof!! Waterproof materials, membrane construction and water gusset keeps water and debris out. Protect kids’ feet from the elements and rainy climates.
  • Breathable, mesh lining. 
  • Synthetic and textile materials make shoes lightweight and flexible.
  • Traction pattern and rubber material is perfect for wet surfaces.

Tenzi and 77 Ways to Play Tenzi 

Everyone gets ten dice. Someone says “Go.” Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until someone gets all their dice on the same number. Sure, there are a few more rules, but you get the idea!

Want more TENZI in your life? This expansion set features deck of 77 cards, each with a new, fun way to play TENZI.

A fast-paced, strategic matching game perfect for the whole family! The rules are simple: Players get 5 double-sided picture cards that they must lay out in front of them. A Clue Card is drawn and placed in the middle of the table and the first person to find an appropriate Picture Card to match the clue must quickly slam their card down on the Clue Card and yell, "Slapzi!" At this point in the game other players have the opportunity to challenge whether or not the Picture Card matches the clue; if it doesn't, the player who slammed it down must take it back and also draw an extra Picture Card to add to their 5. The first player to get rid of all of their cards wins! Includes: 120 Picture Cars and 65 Clue Cards.

So Cozy Gift Set

Give the gift of Good Hair Days to any family member on your list with our SoCozy Gift Set, complete with three of our bestsellers. No need for wrapping paper or a bow—this gift set is ready to go, making it not only fun to receive but oh-so-easy to give!
Cinch 3in1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Wash: Three essential steps cleverly squeezed into one—easy, effortless, fast, in Mango-go.
Cinch Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner: This fast, gentle, weightless conditioner detangles, nourishes and hydrates, for super soft, tangle-free hair, in Fruity-tutti.
Behave Styling Mousse: Boosts volume, defines curls and tames flyaways and frizz while leaving hair soft and manageable, in Peachy-keen.

Everywhere you look you see Emojiez! These little guys and gals are a hot item which every kid will enjoy as a stocking stuffer! You can even use them to decorate your packages for friends in family. Let them know your real friendship status with the perfect Emojiez. You can look for the Plushi Palz ( a keychain plush ) and hide them throughout your tree. You can freeze some Buddiez and serve them to guest as a special treat for coming to your holiday party. You can find them everywhere, at your local retail stores, toy stores, etc. When I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE. Be sure to Emojiez out your family this year! 

SNAP.DESIGN.WOW! A hybrid of design and construction! Snap together a variety of fun projects including fashions, accessories & room décor! The open-ended play pattern offers the opportunity to imagine and build an original creation. Each ZNAPEEZ! kit is made up of geometric shaped "tiles" and "Snap" closures that when snapped together, create functional objects such as doll clothes, apparel, fashion accessories, room décor, and toys. Kit includes Znapeez! Mini sized tiles and snaps and instructions.

Snap.Design.Wow! A hybrid of design and construction! Snap together a super mod dress for your 18 inch Doll. Makes a dress, headband and handbag. The open-ended play pattern offers the opportunity to imagine and build an original creation. Each Znapeez! Kit is made up of geometric shaped "tiles" and "Znap" closures that when snapped together, create functional objects such as doll clothes, apparel, fashion accessories, room decor and toys.

The Fashion Angels 18 inch Znapeez! Doll Wear Kit - Mod Dress Features:

  • Snap together a super mod dress, headband and handbag for your 18 inch Doll
  • Kit includes Znapeez! Tiles and snaps, dress undergarment and instructions
  • Each kit builds a specific project that can then be deconstructed and re-built into other projects

Fashion Angels Enterprises, established in 1998, has quickly earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing high quality tween girls' products...making them thetween dream company. Beginning with craft and beading kits, Fashion Angels Enterprises now encompasses a complete doll line, Career kits, an eco-friendly line, Project Runway kits, jewelry line, handbags and pet products.

PowerA Cool Blue mini Controller 
From those who brought you the first mini Controller, comes a redesign that packs giant features. The NEW mini Controller by PowerA is officially licensed for Xbox One, offering comfort and precision for those with a smaller grip, for children, and for travel. With dual rumble motors, impulse triggers, new hexagon micro-textured undercarriage, new color options, and a new 3.5 audio jack, this mini Controller has all the essentials a gamer expects.  Also comes in green and black you can purchase these on Amazon
Who doesn’t love a Magic Key?  Featuring a beautiful 6” Santa’s Magic Key by Wendell August and a beautifully illustrated 60 page hardback book in a keepsake gift box, The Magic Christmas Key is destined to become a holiday favorite for many. Both a tradition and a keepsake, children place the Magic Key on the door on Christmas Eve to ensure Santa can deliver gifts, and Santa returns the key to the Christmas tree for children to keep safe until the next year. The Magic Christmas Key is an unforgettable Christmas story for all ages.  Andy believes in Christmas, and encouraged by his grandfather, begins a marvelous adventure that starts with the gift of Santa's Magic Key. His papa asks Andy to keep the key safe. But Andy, in spite of good intentions, allows the Magic Key to get into the hands of others. The fun-loving chaos that ensues requires Andy to be honest and brave, leading him to Santa Claus himself. And learns that indeed, All Things are Possible When You Believe. Leann Smith's charming tale and Kip Richmond's rich and beautiful illustrations will become a part of your family's holiday tradition for years to come. Winner of the Gold Medal from Mom’s Choice Awards.

NEW!! MAGFORMERS R/C Cruisers Custom Car Set with 52 components that put building in your control. You build it, You drive it, and You recreate it over and over. Only the best materials are used to ensure your cars will be durable. High Quality ABS Plastic and 1/3" rare-earth NEODYMIUM magnet on side of the shape. The cars you build are durable so you'll be able to drive and recreate as many working remote controlled cars as your mind can imagine!
R/C Racer

A Favorite R/C Cruiser Car
R/C Fun Car

Fun Car R/C Racer
Intelligent Magnetic Building For Brain Development 

MAGFORMERS are easy to use and never frustrating. The patented intelligently designed MAGFORMERS magnets are housed in colorful, high quality ABS plastic. They always attract and never repel, so the moment any two pieces touch they connect. High quality magnets that instantly connect are sure to spark curiosity and play time is creative, stimulating, and constructive. Building with MAGFORMERS engages mathematical and scientific thought, deductive reasoning, and requires use of spatial awareness. Manipulating the powerful, colorful MAGFORMERS magnets IS educational, but despite being an educational experience, play is magical and FUN!

Build + Drive + Repeat = R/C Excitement & Fun 
Have you ever wanted to build your own remote control car? The R/C Custom Set gives you just that opportunity, by bringing the excitement of remote control cars, and the pure fun of MAGFORMERS together. This set has a superior variety of high quality magnetic pieces that can be used and reused, and special accessories to fuel driving, imagination, and creativity. There's no "right" or "best" way to use the 52 included components. If you need some inspiration start with one of the suggested car designs. Remember, you can change the look of your car as often as you like. It's easy to attach the included R/C wheels and once they're added every car you create comes to life. Simply take command of the controller and take off!

You're In The Driver's Seat 
R/C Cruisers Custom Set is a remote control driving set that lets you be the designer, the builder, and the control commander. Build and rebuild the car as many times as you like. Set includes 1 controller, 2 sets of power driven R/C wheels and 52 MAGFORMERS pieces that are durable and built be played with, used, and enjoyed. High Quality ABS plastic, proven durability, intelligent magnet rotational technology. Product Conforms to CE, ASTM, and EN71. Instant Connect! Patent US & China.

What's In The Box? 
Variety of 52 pieces; RC wheels, and remote controller 

Give your child a reason to play in a designated area with the Plasmart Happyville Smart Mat Play Mat. This multi-purpose play mat features a pattern to capture your child's attention for hours at a time. It is made of quality coated EVA foam and has a giant play surface so kids can stretch out and get creative. This adorable kids' play mat is durable and easy to clean and rolls up for easy storage. It is ideal for use when traveling away from home.

As a child in the 1970’s, the creator of Stork Babies™, played with little bean dolls in Cyprus and Greece. She was fascinated with how cute and adorable they were. They came in a multitude of colors and had such beautiful faces. The little boxes that housed them, acted as their little beds. She remembers the big rack they came on and it seemed like there were hundreds to choose from. She would twirl the rack and wait to find the perfect baby to take home. The little bean dolls have always stayed in her mind as a wonderful child memory. 
Elizabeth went on to have 3 beautiful babies of her own. Real ones... But she always wondered if she could find those cute bean dolls again?... She searched on line for something similar but came up with nothing comparable. So, in 2012 she set out to try making her own collection of bean dolls. But this time she had some help… her 3 little girls (ages 6, 10 and 11). Elizabeth first thought to use the beautiful pantone colors for fall 2012, however these were “nixed” by her darling daughters. It was then, her 3 little darling daughters (River, Starla and Elysium) who chose the BRIGHT and VIBRANT colors from then on.  All three daughters are now her VP’s of Design and are consulted every step of the way with names, sayings and colors!

The magnetic dollhouse you design yourself!
Malia’s House is an award-winning magnetic dollhouse created by the “Rising Star Toy Inventor of the Year”. It’s all the fun of a dollhouse with the enrichment of a building set. Easily change things up and create a whole new adventure for endless imaginative play.
Malia’s House is the winner of Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Award, Parents’ Choice Gold Award, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and PAL’s Top Ten Toys of 2014.

Hop into the shoes of best friends Malia and Skyler as they rush home from school to their favorite hangout: Malia’s House. They make music videos, tend to the vegetable garden, and goof off in the pool.

  • Build Malia’s House a new way, every time you play! Durable StoryWall panels connect magnetically.

  • Customize your adventure with magnetic accessories that stick to the panel walls and wooden dress-up dolls.

  • Grow your story with additional Build & Imagine play-sets!

  • Recommended for girls and boys ages 4-8.

  • Develops early engineering skills (spatial reasoning, problem solving, and creativity) as well as language skills.

Panda Village Block Set

  • $49.99
Our one-of-a-kind building set has everything children need to create their own panda village! We’ve included 3 adult pandas & 6 cubs, all made of durable vinyl—plus eco-friendly blocks crafted from real bamboo, so pandas feel right at home! 42 durable, lightweight blocks come in various imagination-inspiring shapes, including columns, roofs, bridges & more. Longest piece is 8".

60 Second SLAM 

Come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet for a specific category. Categories such as things in a supermarket, rock bands or United States cities. Try to fill in a word for each letter on your scorecard
Come up with the most answers in sixty seconds to win. Great word game for ages 10 and up 2-6 players making for a fun family game night. You can purchase this game on Amazon here or look for it in your local retail/toy store. 


Exclusively at Walmart, a super-sweet and cuddly-soft collection of plush animals that double as pillows – perfect for naptime, playtime, family travel, and more! The adorable line features over a dozen FlipaZoo characters that magically transform from one animal to another – and then easily flip back again! With the new line’s patented one-of-a-kind “easy flip” designs, little ones simply hold their favorite two-sided FlipaZoo friend and “flip” its soft back to instantly reveal a totally new FlipaZoo! It’s two toys in one for two times the fun – and double the play value, too! For double the fun, consumers who purchase any FlipaZoo on the official website will receive a FREE  “Little Flipzee” for pocket-size flipping fun! 

Charm U 

A line of “charming” toys that girls can play with and wear for twice the fun! Charm U’s expansive universe of more than 70 brightly-colored charms includes kid-pleasing themes – from pets and sports to princess, beach, treats, and more. Surprise charms, along with numbered limited-edition and rare characters, further extend Charm U’s collectible appeal. You can find Charm U in most retail stores and you can also purchase on Amazon

Chuckle Ball 

A self-rolling bouncing toy full of fun surprises for kids ages 18 months+, this delightful “goofball” features zany 3D characters in bright, eye-catching colors. Silly sounds keep kids captivated and a chunky feel makes it easy for them to grip. Chuckle Ball shuts off automatically and then instantly comes back to life once it’s shaken again. You can purchase at retail and toy stores as well as on Amazon

TMNT BattleSnap Game is first high-impact battle game that brings the amazing TMNT heroes and villains to life allowing kids to experience battles in a completely new head-to-head way! Test your skills in this fast action TMNT Battesnap Mutagen Mayhem Game. Choose your Battle Power: Pizza, Weapons or Mutagen. Choose one of six Interchangable Game Figures Snap in your Game Figure onto the Battlesnap Card and load onto the Sewer Slane Crane. Release them on a collision course to battle. The strongest power wins the round. The first player to collect 4 pizza slices wins! 2 Interchangeable Game figures, 2 Battlesnap Cards, 1 Mayhem Collision Rail, 7 Pizza Slices. Can be purchased at retail stores and on Amazon.

Cuddle Barn Kris and the Kringles 

Kris And The Kringles Singing Plush. Santa's little helpers take their place on his lap, swaying as Santa sings the holiday classic "Deck The Halls." It's a magical scene for the most magical time of the year! 12" tall.  Includes 3 AA batteries. WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Can be purchased on Amazon and on Cuddle Barn's website here

Best of the Worst Game
Draw a card & come up with your best story to go along with the worst scenario on the card
Tell what really happened or go ahead and stretch the truth if you'd prefer. It is up to everyone else playing to determine if what you are saying is a true or totally bogus story. Great storytelling game for ages 14 and up
Great family game with 3-6 players, can be purchased on Amazon here or look for it at your major retail/toy store. 

A fun new toy which children collect, each character has a story. Discover these adorable friends inside your fruit bowl, your candy jar, your refrigerator, and all around! So small, only 100 millionth the size of you! Take them on adventures as they make friends, eat tasty snacks and play in their magical worlds! You can find MagicMeeMees at your local Walmart and on Amazon here

Superheroes by Cuddle Barn   

Featuring Diggs the Dog, Max the Wonder Chimp and Gigi the Great Giraffe. New to the Cuddle Barn Collection! Superheroes Gigi the Great Giraffe, Max The Wonder Chimp & Diggs the Power Pup will keep kids giggling and entertained. All three sit 10" tall, recite animated heroic messages and light up. Adorned in colorful superhero outfits, give em a squeeze and let the fun begin! Soft plush. 10" tall each. Batteries included. You can purchase them on Amazon as a set of 3 or online at Cuddle Barn here

The Flowing River Habitat by Dunecraft

Create and observe the most amazing Habitat ever! Watch water fall down the waterfall and flow into two ponds connected by a stream. Ponds have viewing areas for easy underwater viewing and are separately removable for easy cleaning. There are a number of planting areas to grow plants in, and flat areas for critters to take a rest. Everything is secured by the lock tabs insuring your pets don’t get loose, even if the habitat is knocked over or falls. Plant and decorate your Habitat with the included complements or your own items! The Flowing Water Habitat comes with everything you need, seeds, gravel, stones, planting mixture, even a powerful submersible pump! Just add your pet! You can catch your critter, buy one at a pet store, or order a Green African Tree Frog from us that will be delivered to your door! You can purchase the Flowing River Habitat by visiting the link here, or on Amazon

Happy Cat by Dunecraft

Sprout and grow these fun plants in the sprouting house. Once they have grown a little, pull the top of the greenhouse off and watch your cats over, purr, and leap with excitement! Fresh catnip causes a stronger reaction among cats. Catnip was originally native to Europe and Asia and can grow to 3 feet high. If you crush the foliage of this herb, it releases oil that attracts cats. In fact, cats will rub up against the foliage themselves to bruise it and release the scent. Over 2000 years ago, the Romans used it for cooking and healing. The dried leaves are used in making cat toys. Fresh catnip leaves are used in tea, which is said to relieve head colds, and can also be added to salads, stews, and sauces. Catnip is also said to attract good luck. You can purchase the Happy Cat by visiting the link here, and also on Amazon

Pillow Pants

Pillow Pants are the newest couch and bedtime companion for kids and families! Perfect for the car, couch, and bedroom-these quirky and cuddly pants will provide your family with a fun alternative to any pillow in your house! With styles and colors for both boys and girls Pillow Pants will have you laughing and snuggling until it's time for bed. They are great for pillow fights, grab the legs and go for it. They also a great for travel, you can use the legs as a neck brace keeping you comfy for a long drive. You can purchase your one of a kind Pillow Pants by visiting here.

See Kai Run Hallie Boots

A boot so stylish, she won’t realize how practical it is until the first storm of the season. A scattering of embroidered flowers and a warm knit collar mix with high-tech materials that will look pretty with jeans or skirts. Side zipper for easy in and out. Also available for Toddlers.
  • Waterproof!! Waterproof materials and membrane construction and water gusset keeps water and debris out.
  • All Runners have breathable, mesh lining.  Materials are mostly synthetic and textiles, making shoes lightweight, durable, sturdy.  Protect kids’ feet from the elements and rainy climates.
  • The outsole wraps up and protects more in puddles. Traction pattern and rubber material is perfect for wet surfaces.
  • Strobel construction eliminates extra material and glue where the outsole meets the upper. Makes it a super flexible and lightweight shoe.

Monster Jam Crush It 

Crush It! takes fans back into authentic real-life stadiums for racing and freestyle events including the site of Monster Jam World Finals – Sam Boyd Stadium. Choose your favorite official Monster Jam trucks such as Grave Digger , Max-D, Monster Mutt and many more. Take your favorite Monster Truck out of the stadium and into all new environment challenges. Exciting physic based challenges include skills, hill jump and stunt modes. All-new tracks that will test your skills to master speed and balance over insane jumps and obstacles or face ultimate destruction. Compete as a single player, versus or log into online leaderboards to earn bragging rights as the best Monster Jam truck driver and much, much more… 1 player

2GB minimum save size

   You can purchase the game on Amazon here

Here is a video my son Riley made of the game!

My Pancakes Taste Different Today! is the tasty tale of a precocious young boy who discovers that his little actions have a big impact on the whole wide world...especially his pancakes! A gentle, educational story about our species, our environment, our food, and the interconnectedness of all.

You can purchase the book here

The World’s Smallest toys are designed with the same working functions as the originals, but in the smallest sizes ever created! They are as amazing as the originals! Brands include: Rubik’s Cube, Perplexus, Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo, Etch A Sketch, Little Green Army Men, Magic 8 Ball, Fisher-Price, Sock Monkey, Doodletop and Polariod.

Cuddle Barn Rock And Roll Rider Dancing Christmas Reindeer

Cuddle Barn is a famous manufacturer of a large variety of Plush animated toys for children of all ages. Cuddle Barn Rock and Roll Rider would make a perfect gift for your little one and would entertain the entire family during Christmas Season singing and dancing to a Sleigh Ride song.
  • New Season Cuddle Barn Rock and Roll Rider - Plush Reindeer (CB2961)
  • This adorable reindeer trots and shakes its tail to "Sleigh Ride" song.
  • Comes with batteries included.
  • Measures approximately 10" in height.
  • Rock and Roll Rider is sure to liven up your holidays! Fun for all ages!

Soapets are plush bath toys for kids that are the perfect way to make bath time fun!  Soft and gentle to the skin, Soapets hold the soap and help children get clean while having creative play in the tub.   Soapets are available in seven different characters, each with their own unique and fun story and include the Soapet character, booklet and embroidered sponge. You can purchase Soapets here and on Amazon

$160 Collage.com Custom Photo Blanket Giveaway

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact Paige@7kidsandus.com with any questions.

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