Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine's Day Gifts for Everyone!


Love is in the air, and your valentine will love the latest fashion-inspired Carmex Moisture Plus designs. These stylish little lip balms are the perfect gift for friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day – and a great way to show your pucker some love too!
Carmex Moisture Plus is the perfect accessory to keep lips smooth and kissable, with limited-edition designs on the outside and unbelievable moisture on the inside. Formulated with aloe, shea butter and vitamin E, Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm delivers a clear satin shine and relief for dry lips.

 With a suggested retail price of just $2.99, these delightful little lip balms make a great addition to a Valentine’s card or care package. These stylish lip balms are available in four patterns to fit your mood or personality – Whimsical in a blue feather design, Fab in a girly geometric design, Starlet in an elegant black and white pattern and Adventurous in a red snakeskin pattern.

As women get older, many find their skin to be dull and dry, their weight impossible to budge, and their sleep restless. But does it have to be this way?
Lackluster energy and beauty woes can often be chalked up to a progesterone imbalance. That's because progesterone is not only a woman's youth hormone – it exists in nearly all cells of a woman’s body, serving multiple effects and functions. It's also a hormone that starts to drop off with age. That's where Asensia, a just-released, science-backed supplement from Daily Wellness Company, steps in to help.
Asensia arms women with a safe, all-natural strategy to reclaim the zest, energy, and beauty they thought they had lost for good. It also acts as a protectant against environmental endocrine disruptors (found in food, metal cans, cosmetics, and more), which can greatly accelerate aging. That's why Asensia adjusts the body's hormone balance to protect against its damage, and scientific studies of Asensia's formula saw dramatic increases in subjects' progesterone levels. This balanced hormonal state led to more effective weight management, increased energy, and gentler PMS symptoms.
PRICE: Per formula: $79.98 for 3-month supply


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