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Holiday Gift Guide for Men 2014

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? How about gourmet coffee to heat up those cold winter days and nights! Marley Coffee—founded by Bob Marley’s son Rohan—offers a delightful and delicious array of gourmet blends in ground bean, whole bean and RealCup single-serve formats. From its “One Love” medium roast and “Get Up, Stand Up” light roast to its “Simmer Down” decaf blend, Marley Coffee has something to suit every taste. And Marley Coffee ensures that every one of its products comes from ethically grown, organic and sustainable coffee farms.
You can purchase Marley Coffee in K-Cups or Grounds here

The first nutritional product to synergistically combine key natural ingredients to prime the body for conception. FertilityBlend For Women and FertilityBlend For Men were developed based on published scientific literature on nutritional components that benefit fertility and have a safe history of usage. Key ingredients for women: Chasteberry (natural herb that supports good hormone balance and normal ovulation); L-arginine (amino acid that helps maintain healthy uterine lining); green tea, vitamin E, and selenium (antioxidants that help enhance reproductive health by repairing oxidative damage due to aging and environmental toxins). Key ingredients for men: L-carnitine (amino acid that has been shown to be critical to the formation of healthy sperm); Vitamins C and E, green tea and selenium (all potent antioxidants that help improve sperm counts and quality); Ferulic acid (antioxidant that has been shown to improve sperm quality).
PRICE: Per formula: $74.99 for 3-month supply

ArginMax for Men is a scientifically-validated nutritional supplement for optimization of sexual health, with formulas available for both men and women. Each formula has been carefully balanced to meet the unique needs of the user, utilizing L-arginine, Panax ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, damiana leaf, vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, Biotin, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, as well as the minerals calcium, iron and zinc. With ingredients designed to increase blood flow and relieve fatigue, the result is a gradual, natural increase of sexual fitness.
PRICE: Both formulas: $119.99 for 3-month supply

The Polaroid Cube - Black

Huge, out-of-the-box fun. In little more than 1 cubic inch. - Standing at just 35mm, the Polaroid CUBE is here to prove that the best things do indeed come in small packages. This tiny action camera supports Micro SD cards up to 32 GB, and is ready to capture your most exciting moments in full HD video or highresolution images. So if you’re living a life that’s fit for film, make the CUBE your constant companion. It is weatherproof and shockproof, and more than capable of handling anything you throw at it. But not only does it look after itself, it looks after you: With a 124° wide-angle lens, it sees the big picture and bears witness to your most outrageous shtick. 

Packs a mounting magnet; sticks to any metal surface. - The fun rarely sits around waiting… That’s why the Polaroid CUBE features a neatly integrated magnet in the bottom of its housing. Simply pop the camera onto your helmet, skateboard, bicycle handlebar, golf club, or any other metal surface, and it’ll stick with you through thick and thin. There’s no need to fiddle with bands, straps or other makeshift apparatuses. What’s more, the camera’s shockproof design helps to capture stable video even when you give it a run for its money, and its weatherproof sealing makes it perfect for wake boarding, water skiing or just chillin’ by the pool. 

With 8 custom accessories, there’s never a dull moment. - From protective to proactive, the Polaroid CUBE accessories lineup punches up the fun to even greater heights. The Bumper Case makes for fashionable wearing around the neck or clipped on a belt loop, backpack, keychain, etc.; the Helmet Mount attaches to virtually any helmet with 3M stickers; the novel Monkey Mount makes creative use of the camera’s magnet; the Waterproof Case is also shockproof and connects to all CUBE mounts; the Suction Cup Mount can be used with the universal camera clip to mount to any flat, smooth surface; the Bike Mount secures the camera to bike handlebars with a clip-on attachment; the Tripod Mount features a universal metal insert to fit all standard tripods; and the 1 inch Strap Mount fastens the camera onto virtually anything. 

You can purchase the Polaroid Cube here for $99.99

Dust Off
These uniquely designed double-sided microfiber cloths are made of a durable microfiber material that cleans sensitive surfaces of dirt, grime, fingerprints, facial oils and makeup.
A great size to place in your purse or briefcase for any quick touch-ups!
Ideal for cleaning:
  • Smart Phones and cell phones
  • Tablets and eReaders
  • Any type of portable screens on gaming devices and DVD players
  • Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
  • Auto Touch Screens
  • Cloth Size: 5″ x 6″
 You can purchase Dust Off here for $4.49. 

Finally affordable fine hand made American Straight Razor's.
This Set Includes:
- Blades Grim Premium Shave Set With Brush, Blades Grim Shave Soap, and Silver Scuttle
- Leather One Piece Razor Strop For Superior Sharpening
- Classic Razor Box with Gold Etching
- Straight American Razor
 This blade features:
- A 7/8" Round Tip Straight Razor with Black Acrylic Scales
- 61 hardness and Austrian, fine grain tool steel
- 7/8" Blade.
- Blade is Hand Made in America.
- Round Point
- Hand Pinnned
- Shave Ready
- Free Lifetime Hone
- Lifetime Warranty
You can purchase it here for about $99.99.

The only coffee scale you'll ever need to make delicious coffee
Master the art of coffee brewing with acaia -the only scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee. 
This simple, modern and minimalistic scale is designed with brilliant functionality in mind, compatible with the acaia iPhone & Android app, offers you the endless possibility to explore the exquisite world of coffee.
  • Fast - 20ms response time provides Ultra-fast response time and instant readings.
  • Accuracy -Highest internal resolution up to one million counts allows for readability up to 10th of a gram. The acaia Pearl is sensitive to even weight changes resulting from evaporation.
  • Stability - Auto Zero tracking, Creeping compensation technology to provide industrial grade stability
  • Build in Stopwatch - You can track the blooming, pouring and infusion time without a fuss, with the two-way timer that sync with your mobile phone.
  • Automated Auto-off Customization - The acaia will not shut down during coffee brewing, auto-off feature is also customizable in mobile app.
  • Rechargeable USB Power Supply -A greener alternative power source, battery lasts 20-30 hrs.

You can purchase this here for $129.

-- Access all of your smartphone’s alerts and notifications instantly on your wrist: The free Martian Notifier App allows three unique levels of “smart notification” support. This is an industry first set of features.

--It first lets you filter the notification types you want sent to the watch, so you receive only those that are most important to you.

--Secondly, it allows customized vibration patterns for each type of alert, letting you know if you’ve just received, for example, an email, text message or news alert without even looking at your watch, let alone your phone.

--Finally, you can recall the most recent message with just a tap of the watch face, or scroll through multiple past notifications for a quick review. 

--Not only will you receive standard notifications including Caller ID, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Email, Calendar, Instagram, Pinterest, you can receive notifications from any app that provides a push notification including favorite games, bank alerts, fitness stats, etc, etc. There are thousands of apps, we have just a few listed here. Get Notifications From 1000s of Apps - No SDK Required!

--You can also initiate voice commands on your smartphone’s speakerphone for uses such as “read text” while you’re on the move.
--Silent alarms, hour repeater, virtual phone leash, find phone, camera shutter control, and more! 
You can purchase one here for $129.
With patented auto-switching technology that saves you money on electrical bills, the Smart Strip SCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip features seven outlets that work in sync to efficiently power your electrical devices. This unique energy-saving power strip automatically switches devices on and off and uses less than one watt of power when fully energized. And with premium EMF/RFI filtering and 900-joule protection to defend devices against surges, this strip keeps your valuable electronic equipment fully protected.
You can purchase this here for $29.99. 
The miniSquid is the newest member of the popular Power Squid product line that has been fully optimized for your many travel power need. Features include: , Outlets on flexible arms so they are never blocked by another plug, Recessed power switch to prevent accidental shut-offs, 2 USB charging jacks, and 612 Joules of surge protection.
  • 2 USB charging jacks
  • Outlets on flexible arms so they are never blocked by another plug
  • Recessed power switch to prevent accidental shut-offs
  • Compact, attractive and Rugged design
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
 You can purchase this here for $19.95

BioChem® 100% Whey has been a pioneer in crafting whey protein for over 15 years and continues to be a leader in whey proteins today.
Now from BioChem®, the #1 in Whey protein, comes the specially formulated 100% Berries + Whey. Whey protein isolate uses the same high quality microfiltration/ ultrafiltration method as our original 100% whey products to create an undenatured, pure whey protein isolate, and is sourced from grass-fed cows and NON-GMO ingredients to produce a pure whey protein powder.
However, In addition, this formula is fortified with our proprietary berry blend that possesses antioxidant properties*** Berries are known to possess a High ORAC value (the measure of antioxidant activity). With Blackberries containing anthocyanin pigments, and Goji berries containing unique polysaccharides, both of which have antioxidant properties.*** 100% Berries + Whey also contains strawberries and blueberries which scientific experts suggest possess as much as 10% more antioxidant properties than most other berries, as well as Acai berries which contain antioxidant properties similar to blueberries but also contain all essential amino acids.***
- See more at:


BioChem® 100% Whey has been a pioneer in crafting whey protein for over 15 years and continues to be a leader in whey proteins today.

Now from BioChem®, the #1 in Whey protein, comes the specially formulated 100% Berries + Whey. Whey protein isolate uses the same high quality microfiltration/ ultrafiltration method as our original 100% whey products to create an undenatured, pure whey protein isolate, and is sourced from grass-fed cows and NON-GMO ingredients to produce a pure whey protein powder.

However, In addition, this formula is fortified with our proprietary berry blend that possesses antioxidant properties*** Berries are known to possess a High ORAC value (the measure of antioxidant activity). With Blackberries containing anthocyanin pigments, and Goji berries containing unique polysaccharides, both of which have antioxidant properties.*** 100% Berries + Whey also contains strawberries and blueberries which scientific experts suggest possess as much as 10% more antioxidant properties than most other berries, as well as Acai berries which contain antioxidant properties similar to blueberries but also contain all essential amino acids.***
You can purchase this in most natural health food stores. 

GHBurn is a scientifically proven powerful natural precursor to HGH (Human Growth Hormone), the body’s master hormone. GHBurn was uniquely designed to enhance the body’s hormonal system, which begins to deteriorate after the age of thirty. It increases testosterone production, lean muscle mass, enhances energy, alertness and libido, while decreasing fat production and cravings. GHBurn provides muscles with increased energy at the cellular level enhancing athletic performance and ability. Used daily, the unique proprietary blend of ingredients regulates male hormones, which in effect halts and more importantly reverses the aging process.

Through clinical research, GHBurn has been demonstrated to increase the production of Human Growth Hormone, energy levels, mental alertness, metabolism, and lean muscle mass while decreasing appetite and unhealthy cravings as well as to improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and sleep rhythms, enhance libido and stamina, and even strengthen the immune system and brittle bones. 

Specifically formulated for the male system and its complex hormonal structure, GHBurn is advantageous to men ages 25 plus as it offers both preventative and restorative aids. Used daily, the proprietary blend of ingredients regulates male hormones, which in effect reverses the aging process. 
You can purchase a 30 day supply here for about $53.00

Chillsner is the first and only, in-bottle beer chiller that keeps cold beer cold from the first sip to the last, whether drinking from the bottle or as you pour into your glass.  Just freeze, insert into any bottled beer, and drink right through the Chillsner.  Made from stainless steel, Chillsner uses the same proprietary thermal gel as the famed Corkcicle. It is a must-have gadget for any beer drinker.  Perfect for parties, tailgating, or pretty much any occasion where beloved beers are enjoyed. 
You can purchase these here for $29.95 for two. 

Duck Dynasty Star Jep Robertson has a new line of mens products by Honest Amish!
Who knows beards? We know beards. Long before the current beard trend, way back before the 60's and 70's, and long before the 20th or 19th century for that matter...beards have been an integral part of Amish culture. The care for these beards have been passed through generations of men. Honest Amish Beard Products only uses premium organic ingredients, wild harvested botanicals, essential oils, and organic fruit and nut butters aimed towards the care of your beard. These original recipes were created centuries ago to help maintain, care, and control growing beards while protecting and conditioning the hair follicles. A great all natural and organic gift for any man!
You can purchase the products here starting at just $6.50. 
If you can make oatmeal, you can make beer. Brooklyn Brew Shop's apartment friendly Beer Making Kits make it easy to bring brewing out of the garage and into the kitchen using only fresh, whole ingredients and traditional methods used in homes and breweries for centuries. By brewing with the same ingredients (cracked barley, hops, spices and yeast) that the best craft breweries in the world use, making high quality and complex beers becomes possible on the stovetop in your very own kitchen, big or small.
You can purchase a kit here for $40.00. 
 Body Glove SURGE, the first proven all-natural energy shot, is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Made with all-natural ingredients like green tea and whey protein, SURGE has zero bad chemicals like a lot of other energy shots on the market. The energy shot is a popular choice among top performing athletes seeking increased energy and mental focus. SURGE flavors include Peach Mango, Grape and Tropical Berry.
You can purchase it here on Groupon!

The iBN26 is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless stereo system with built-in speakerphone capability. NFC (near field communication) technology instantly connects NFC-capable devices to Bluetooth. Stream wireless digital audio via Bluetooth from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry–most Bluetooth devices. Reson8® speaker enclosure for full, rich sound. Built-in mic, ATI SoundClear® voice echo cancellation and answer and end controls make speakerphone use a pleasure. USB port to charge devices. Aux-in jack for playing almost any audio device
You can purchase it here for $79.99
The ReF™ headphones were specifically designed to fulfill the growing consumer demand for accessories that look as good as they perform. These headphones meet that demand by combining fashionable elements and premium technology to produce a product that wins wholehearted approval from fashionistas and techies alike. Plug these headphones into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod to enjoy hands-free conversation or play your favorite track and immerse yourself in the rich, deep bass and precise treble.
- Canvas exterior with contrast stitching that suits your urban lifestyle
- Titanium diaphragm for mega-bass and precise treble
- Premium leather ear cups
- In-line remote with Play/Pause, Volume, and Track Change controls
- Built-in mic for hands-free phone conversations
- Collapsible ear cups for ultra-portability
You can purchase these here for $129.99


Miggo was conceived by a group of designers who spent years creating countless bestselling protective solutions for one of the world’s leading camera bag manufacturers.  Miggo’s vision is to become a leading global provider of multi-purpose carrying and protective solutions for consumers’ personal gear.  The company’s first products, the miggo Strap & Wrap and Grip & Wrap are emblematic of the company’s innovative approach to a rapidly evolving market.

·         Serves as a camera strap that morphs into a compact padded camera carrier
·         Allows users to safely carry their cameras in their everyday bag, eliminating the need for bulky camera bags for everyday use
·         Modular adaptor method makes it suitable for most mid-sized DSLR and Mirrorless (CSC) cameras and a wide range of lenses
You can purchase Miggo here for $39.99-$49.99

Delivers fast acting exercise support with an invigorating, “no crash” burst of steady energy. Even better, MRI SURGE can be used pre and/or intra-workout for training support when you need it most. MRI SURGE is formulated with ingredients that support optimal blood flow, energy, stamina, focus and reduced muscle damage to help you be at your best while you work out. Two great flavors: Mixed Berry and Lemonade Price: $39.99 

Watch movies on the go with this Audiovox DS9321 portable DVD player, which features a 9" widescreen LCD display that offers crisp images and swivels up to 270° for easy positioning. The composite output enables flexible connectivity.

Playback formats

Include DVD, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R, VCD, Kodak Picture CD and JPEG for flexible options.

9" widescreen LCD display

With 640 x 234 resolution allows you to view widescreen movies in their cinematic format and provides high-quality images. Swiveling design rotates up to 270° to help you find a comfortable viewing angle.

Portable design

Measures just 1-5/8" thin and weighs only 1.9 lbs., so you can easily stay entertained on the go.

Playback controls

Include play, pause, stop, fast forward and fast reverse for enhanced functionality.

3.5mm headphone jack

Lets you listen privately and allows you to turn up the volume without disturbing others.

You can purchase this here for $129.99. 


Co-H20 – Naturally hydrates and replenishes electrolytes. The specialized formula also restores balance, combats dehydration and helps maintain the ability to train.

Nutrient Rich Coconut Water*
Whey Protein for Muscle Support & Recovery*
Electrolytes for Hydration*
BCAA's to help Prevent Muscle Breakdown*

The Lighted Lithium Detailer is just what he needs for a well-rounded grooming routine because looking good is all in the details. Its compact size and innovative light feature makes cleaning up around the brows, nose and ears a walk in the park. Available on for a MSRP of $24.99.

  • Integrated mini-spotlight allows you to never miss a hair
  • Hygienic grooming: use one for nose and the other for everything else
  • Wet / dry for use in the shower
  • Cutting heads are removable for complete cleaning under running water
  • Eyebrow guide fits on reciprocating head for evenly groomed eyebrows

The Hot-Cold Gel Pack is the latest in a series of new pain management products from Wahl. Unlike conventional hot/cold packs, this first-of-its-kind product combines temperature therapy with massage to provide a more comprehensive approach to pain relief. Velcro straps also allow for hands-free pain relief. MSRP $24.99

You can purchase this here for $18.00

The EveryDrop Water Filter is the one and only portable water filter that provides you with great tasting water, at home and on the go, all in one simple drop. Versatile at home and portable on the go, you can roam all over your home with it, take it on vacation, take it to work and to workouts, and hit the road or trail with it. Wherever you're going, the EveryDrop Water Filter will become your new favorite travel companion. Plus, the EveryDrop Water Filter is 5 times faster* and also filters 50 percent more water** than leading brand filtration pitchers.
Enjoy great tasting, freshly filtered water everywhere. Water at the speed of life.
You can purchase this here for about $29.

For those who likes variety, a flavored Vodka from Sobieski (SRP:  $10.99) is a tasty treat. A long-time partnership with the Fisher House Foundation, also means that this gift gives back.   From Raspberry to Lemon Meringue, one of the eleven flavors of Sobieski is bound shake up their next cocktail.

For a gift with family ties, a cognac from the Elegance line of CAMUS is an option anyone can relate to.  The largest-independent cognac house still in operation, CAMUS is currently run by the fifth generation of the CAMUS family.  Delicious neat or in a variety of cocktails, CAMUS VSOP Elegance Cognac (SRP: $37.00) offers a rich flavor and delicate oak finish.  

Blue Nectar Tequila is handcrafted from 100% estate-grown Blue Weber agaves from the heart of the tequila lowlands, in the countryside of Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico.
This holiday season, treat your favorite lady to a bottle of Blue Nectar Silver ($39.99).  Beautifully packaged, this new super-premium, triple-distilled tequila features fresh, crisp flavors of minerals and green fruits, culminating in a clean agave-forward finish.
Extremely versatile, Blue Nectar Silver is enjoyable in shots, margaritas, on the rocks, or neat. The striking bottle can also be re-used as a rustic flower vase, or a container for her favorite bath salts.

 Tech21, the leader in impact protection, produces all of the latest device cases and offers multiple color options in sleek designs – so you can give your phone or tablet the ultimate protection. Some of our top cases include the Impact Shell,Impact Band and Impact Mesh feature patented D3O polymer, which locks up upon impact for ultimate protection, while also giving full access to all of a device’s ports and buttons. One of our latest products, Impact Shield with Anti-Glare for iPhone 5 is a next-gen screen protector that offers the Tech21 standard of impact protection by combining a multi-layered coating that features materials used in bulletproof glass with an anti-glare filter.
You can purchase this here for $34.95. 

From Eagles Nest Outfitters comes Twilights!
Stars on a cloudy night; a backcountry disco; Christmas in your hammock; Twilights are not one, but 23 lights to show you the way.
This string of ultra-bright LED lights is powered by 3 AAA batteries and keeps the party going long after the fire has gone out.
  • Illuminate your hammock, tent, campsite and imagination
  • Comprised of 23 bright LEDs and powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Over 300 Hours of Continuous Burn Time
  • Carry Case Included
  • Weighs 4.5oz
 You can purchase these here for $19.95


iRig Mic is the first handheld, quality condenser microphone for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad designed for all of your mobile sound needs. Now you can make professional audio and vocal recordings anywhere on your iOS device. IRig Mic is ideal for the singer, vocalist and songwriter on the move, but also perfect for recording speeches, instruments, performances or other sound sources in the studio, on stage or in the field. The iRig Mic features a highly unidirectional condenser-electrets microphone capsule that provides quality recording in both close mic and long distance mic conditions, and provides real time monitoring with its dual mini-jack connector design. A three-level gain switch makes it instantly adjustable for any sound pressure condition - from soft speaking to loud playing. Its familiar form is perfect for handheld performance, plus it allows you to mount it on any mic stand leaving your device free for operating your favorite app. Its rugged metal body is road-ready for the mobile musician. IRig Mic also comes with Voca Live free, IK’s new real time effects processor suite for the singer and vocalist, and AmpliTube free for guitar players and songwriters. iRig Mic also works with a multitude of other vocal and audio processing apps for the iOS platform.
You can purchase the iRig Mic here for about $59.99. 

This set is so super cute! Men will love this neat way to show off their favorite photos or notes. Priced at just $15.00 its a great deal!
You can purchase this here for $15.00

When you need powerful yet portable keyboard control, the IK Multimedia iRig Keys 37-key USB/MIDI controller is ready to perform. Its got all the goods to play your apps and virtual instruments expressively, like velocity-sensitive keys, pitch bend and mod wheels, and an input for an optional expression pedal or sustain pedal. Its ready to be used with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, but of course its a great controller for your desktop or laptop too. And since it comes with some free software instruments from IK Multimedia, you'll be making music in no time with the IK Multimedia iRig Keys 37-key USB/MIDI controller!
You can purchase this here for about $99.99
24-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom Clic' N Loc ratchet system keeps handle from loosening. Steel support brace provides control by minimizing the pitch of the broom head. Soft bristles on the outside help to sweep finer dust and dirt while the stiff inner bristles help to move the tough messes. Steel pole for durability and long life. Soft grip handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. Allows for cleaning in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Durable steel pole; 24"
  • Unique steel braces adds extra stability
  • Ratchet locking system
  • Soft grip handle
  • Dipped end cap
You can purchase this broom here for $47.11


MK High Intensity Sport Cologne
  • Contains three levels of exhilarating fragrance notes:
    • Top – Gin Berry and Icy bergamot cut with a shot of Liquid Oxygen Accord
    • Middle – Cool Cardamom, Crushed Mint Leaf and Violet Pepper
    • Bottom – Birch and Ambers
  • Apply generously and reapply vigorously
  • Suggested retail price: $40 for 2.5 fl. oz. bottle

Limited-Edition* MK High Intensity Hair and Body Wash
  • Great for layering the MK High Intensity Sport scent
  • Suggested retail price: $18 for 6.5 oz. bottle

  • The best shower shave mirror available due to its UNIQUE DESIGN. NO FOG - NO SUCTION CUPS - EASY TO CLEAN
  • ELIMINATE FOG AT THE SOURCE - mirror removes from adhesive hook making it easy to clean and mount
  • Simply hold SHAVE WELL under the shower stream for a few seconds. FOG IS ELIMINATED.
  • The temperature of the moist air and the mirror surface will equalize to create a long lasting, TRULY FOG FREE image for the duration of your shower
  • This DELUXE mirror is 33% larger than the original Shave Well Shower Mirrror
You can purchase this here for $12.99

 A close, comfortable shave requires a lot of moisture. What better place to get wet than in the shower...even when you are away from home! Simply by its unique design, The Shave Well Fog-Free Travel mirror will change the way you feel about shaving in the shower at the gym or on the road.

You can purchase this here for $9.99

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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