Saturday, August 9, 2014

White Diamonds Lustre Perfume

White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor is one of the best selling celebrity scents of all time. With more than a billion dollars in sales, this enduring fragrance continues to dazzle ... much like the legendary actress who created it. Now, the iconic scent takes on a new sparkle with the introduction of White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor and a new fan base including film and television actress Nia Long, a brand ambassador for the new fragrance.

Lustre explores a fresh side of White Diamonds, with sheer effervescent florals that highlight the heart of the fragrance. Like the original White Diamonds, White Diamonds Lustre reflects the light of the most precious stone, the diamond, and sparkles with the energy of youth, the vibrancy of a strong personality and the mystery of what might come next.

I recently had the opportunity to sample Lustre, and I love it. I love White Diamonds, it reminds me of my family during the Holidays. All the women in my family wear White Diamonds, and I am really excited that now I can be unique and wear my own while still sticking to family tradition.

White Diamonds Lustre is available at Macy's for $68. 

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