Friday, August 1, 2014

Replay Audio Review

So lets face it technology is moving so fast that cds and radios are a thing of the past, most of us use our phones but what happens when we try to let someone else listen well the phone speakers are just not that great. Replay Audio helps with that issue by carrying a bunch of products to let our music be heard without having to have our cell phone on us.

Replay Audio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black

Replay Audio carries a line of speakers which are bluetooth so you can send a signal at any place in the home and blast out your favorite songs off your phone. The first one is the cute little compact speaker which can double as your phone while you play your music. The Replay Audio Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and Speakerphone will let you answer you phone as if it were a speaker phone. It has a lot of sound for such a small speaker, and works with all bluetooth devices. It comes also with a rechargeable battery which I know is a huge plus because I hate batteries. Also this speaker is so small it comes with its own wristlet. You can purchase this one here.

Replay Audio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black

The second one is a lot like the first one which I talked about only its bigger for more sound. The Replay Audio Bluetooth Wireless Speaker/Speakerphone has 5 hours of music playback time, a standby time of 2 months! and talk time of 35 hours. Which wow 35 hours of talk time, so you could use it as a baby monitor stick your phone in kids room set it on low and have a easy made monitor : )  You can purchase this one by clicking here. This speaker comes in box red or black.

Replay Audio Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker - Red
This little Cube Bluetooth Wireless Speaker comes in 2 colors red and black , has 3 hours of play time, 30 foot wireless range and has a rechargeable battery.  Standby time is 60 hours. This little speaker works with all Bluetooth devices along with any device with a 3.5MM port. You can purchase this speaker by clicking here
Replay Audio Rechargeable Mini Speaker - Blue
This is a great speaker because you can carry it everywhere its that small. Has great sound, can be charged with universal plug. Car doesn't have a 3.5MM port well this is the speaker for you, keep it in your car and your good to go. The mini speaker can play for 6 hours so easily can handle your morning and evening commute from work.  You can purchase this Mini Speaker here. Can be purchase in Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Red and Purple.
Replay Audio Bluetooth Wireless Headphones + MIC - White
Not up to having everyone knowing what your listening to, check out the Replay Audio Stage Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Its a hot summer day and your stuck mowing the grass, blah! But now thanks to the Replay Audio Stage Bluetooth Stereo Headphones mowing is not so horrible you slap them on have your phone in pocket and go about mowing with the comfort of the soft noise control headset. Streaming your music and great someone is calling but thanks to having the headphones on your able to know someone is calling and answer without having to remove your phone from your pocket. The Replay Audio Stage Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are great for all kinds of things if your a kid you can tune out your parents on a long flight or car ride, if your a adult you can tune out the kids while cooking, cleaning and whatever. Just think of the possibilities! You can purchase the Replay Audio Stage Bluetooth Stereo Headphones in white or black and you can purchase them here.
Replay Audio has something for you but these are just a few options to help get you and your family through the long hot summer.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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