Friday, August 1, 2014

ProVent Eczema and Psoriasis All Natural Spray

Riley has had eczema for almost a year. The doctor said it was brought on by allergies. I didn't know kids could get eczema from allergies! But, I wanted to share with you, that  kids can get this at any age, and it's good to be prepared when you see it.

When I first saw Riley's eczema, he had been outside playing all day, and came in saying his legs were itchy. I gave him a bath and put some Benadryl on them, and thought that would do the trick. I didn't know it was eczema, I thought he just got bit by mosquitos or something. The next day, he was still itchy, so I took him to the Doctor, they ran a couple of quick tests on his skin and it came back positive for eczema. The doctor said this might be a lifetime issue for him, and she gave me some medicines and a bathing routine to try.

The medications, and bathing helped, but he would still go through phases of "outbreaks" when it got worse, rather than better. There were times he had RAW spots on the back of his legs. I have started to see the signs of when he is getting an outbreak, his skin will start to feel moist when he is as soon as I feel it coming, I give him a rub down of ProVent Eczema and Psoriasis All Natural Spray.
This spray helps alleviate:
  • Redness
  • Inflamation
  • Dry Skin 
  • Itching
 Right away he starts to feel better, and more relaxed. Dealing with his Autism and the eczema, he gets very frustrated when he is itchy.

ProVent Eczema and Psoriasis All Natural Spray also features:
  • Non Steroidal Natural Relief
  • No Parabens, Perfumes or Dyes
  • 100% Natural
I really love this product, Riley loves that it doesn't sting and that it takes the itch away immediately. You can purchase it online here. 

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