Wednesday, August 6, 2014

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear

Nearly one-in-six children ages 4 - 12 in the United States wet their beds.  The emotional toll on families is extensive, hurting children's confidence and self-esteem and frustrating parents. With back-to-school approaching and children participating in more overnight social activities with classmates, these issues can escalate and even cause kids to avoid those activities.

Heeding parents' desires for a discrete and reliable bedwetting alternative, Kimberly-Clark's GoodNites® brand – a leading manufacturer of bedwetting management solutions – has introduced TRU-FIT*, cotton-blend underwear with disposable, absorbent inserts. This unique product washes and feels like regular underwear and provides the nighttime protection to help keep sheets and pajamas dry at night.

Eighty-seven percent of Moms who tried TRU-FIT* said it will make their kids more confident.1
"GoodNites* TRU-FIT* is an innovative product born from the consumer insight that mom desires greater normalcy in managing bedwetting to help her child feel more confident," says GoodNites Senior Brand Manager Doug Daniels. "Bedwetting is common - and it's our mission for mom & child to have the resources, education and support they need to successfully manage this condition."

GoodNites Tru-Fit Underwear are available in Small/Medium and Large/XL sizes for Boys and Girls. You can purchase them at most major retail stores.

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