Saturday, August 2, 2014

Core C210 by LifeTrak

Fitness is about more than calories burned or miles walked. C210 brings you accurate heart rate for precise calories, steps, and distance. Our C210 gives you insight to an often forgotten health aspect: sleep. Day and night, C210 tracks your activity and monitors your sleep with precision. In addition, our convenient battery never needs recharging and will last one year. With this tracker, you don’t need an app or a computer to see your sleep chart; it’s available right on your wrist.

I have been using this watch daily since I received it, and I love that it keeps track of my steps, calories burned and sleep cycle..I have been comparing sleep and steps and calories and on the days when I get more sleep, I burn more calories, I guess from having more I am trying to sleep more. 

The watch is comfortable, it's made of a soft plastic, so it doesn't feel weird when sleeping. 

The other great benefit for me, is the heart rate monitor. I have a little high blood pressure, so I like to keep track of my heart rate, and the LifeTrak Core C210 works great.
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