Friday, August 1, 2014

Ciao Bambolini Learning DVD for Kids!

Since I home school Xander and Riley, I am always looking for fun things to add to our day that can be a learning experience too. DVD's are just the thing! Fun, educational DVD's really help with the school day and Ciao Bambolini is no exception.

Join Michael and friends on a wild ride to Luigi's Kitchen, and enjoy the adventure while learning about basic language, food, art, culture, and music of Italy. Mario takes us through the countryside in his race car, up, down, faster and slower to reach Luigi's. Rafael shows us his favorite Italian painters and tells all the colors of the rainbow. Paolo sings about love while navigating the waters of Venice. And Luigi shows us how to make everyone's favorite food, Pizza!

It's entertainment and education wrapped in fun, Italian style, shot with real live characters amid beautiful illustrations. The only children's show of its kind, it's truly an original production!

The boys and I started watching the DVD last week, and they have asked daily to watch it again, they laugh, and they learn and they have a great time learning all about Italy!

You can order your copy of Ciao Bambolini here, also be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.
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