Saturday, July 5, 2014

BioTerra Herbs Job Rescue Kit Review

Being a stay at home mom is my job. I home school, and between that and my blogging, I spend a good 40 hour work week..working. Sometimes the stress levels can be higher, and some days I feel like my brain is in a I was really excited to try these 2 products.

BioTerra Herbs, a California-based company passionate about clean and honest herbal products, showed its true colors in June 2014 with the announcement of its entire line of herbal supplements passing the rigorous and independent, third party Non-GMO Project Verification process!

Non-GMO Project Verified affirms BioTerra Herbs’ passion and never-ending strive for providing only the best herbal products possible. With this exciting feat under our belt alongside our time-tested herbal formulas and side-splitting packaging, BioTerra Herbs is now a triple threat. The entire line of herbal supplements that cover health issues consumers see every day, prove to be the healthiest alternative to supplementing a healthy, honest, and happy lifestyle.

BioTerra Herbs Stress...GAHH- We all know it well. It’s an unfortunate part of our everyday life and, let’s be honest, it SUCKS. We are faced with ultimate juggling act of “this assignment is due in 10 minutes”, you promised to bring cupcakes to the kids’ school fundraiser, and your phone is swimming in the toilet. We don’t know if it is possible for someone to spontaneously combust from stress overload but we don’t want to find out! Relax. We’ll give you a second in paradise. Mahalo…

BioTerra Herbs Mental Focus....HUH?- Sometimes it’s just really hard to focus. Your head is in the clouds, you can’t stay on track and the amount of work that actually is getting done… will probably have to be re-done. Whatever the epic task – from punching keys on a computer to cramming mid-term studies (really? in one hour?) to training for a three-legged hula-hoop triathlon opposite grandma – it’s time to buckle down and zone in on the assignment at hand. Grab your hula-hoop and put your game face on – Grandma is going down!

I am super happy to say that after a week of using the two different herbs, my mind is clearer on most days, and I love that I can take the stress herbs on those days when I am feeling more stressed...not so much in the summer, but back to school is fast approaching!

You can purchase the Job Rescue Kit as well as individual products and the Relationship Rescue Kit here.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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