Sunday, June 29, 2014

RCA Ultra Thin Multi Directional Indoor Amplified HDTV TV Antenna

 As I have talked about before. We are a "no cable TV" family. We rely on Netflix and Hulu for TV watching and couldn't be happier. I save about $80 a month on cable (yep! my bill was over $120 and now i just pay for internet which is $40). The only thing my husband misses is watching live sports, which you can't get with a streaming box.

We decided to go the digital converter box route, and knew we were going to need a really good antenna to get a lot of channels, so we decided on the RCA Ultra Thin Multi Directional Indoor Amplified HDTV TV Antenna which features:

  • Patented design specifically for 360 degree digital TV reception eliminates adjustments
  • Receives local HD and DTV broadcasts and supports 1080 resolution
  • Enhances reception with included amplifier and purifies signal with ELN circuitry
  • Slim paintable profile in black to blend with high tech components
  • Removable amplifier and built in 6' coaxial cable
When we first plugged in this antenna to the cable box, we expected it to find 5-6 channels, since our old antenna which was crappy only got about 3 channels. Well, this antenna gets 17 channels! Yes! 17! That's incredible! 
The RCA Ultra Thin Multi Directional Indoor Amplified HDTV TV Antenna has a unique 360 degree base, so you don't have to stand there and turn it back and scans all directions for you!
I also love that this antenna can be hung on the wall, and not even noticeable! My neighbors thought mine was a speaker. It can also lay flat or stand up next to the TV. 
Patented 360º Design Outperforms Traditional Antennas
Dress-up your entertainment room with the sleek RCA ANT1650 piano black digital flat antenna. You'll enjoy enhanced reception with the included, removable amplifier which preserves signal purity with extremely low noise circuitry while amplifying weak signals. Obtain true versatility using the included easel stand. The easel props the antenna up so it can stand alone, opening more possibilities on where to place the antenna in your home. RCA Digital flat antennas are designed specifically for digital TV signals, which require more precise directional reception than analog signals to give you consistent performance. Digital TV provides crystal-clear digital picture and sound, but to get uninterrupted reception your antenna needs to be aimed in exactly the right direction. RCA's unique and patented antenna designs eliminate the guess work in digital reception, finding and delivering great digital picture and sound without the hassle of manual adjustments. Use the included removable amplifier to enhance reception by amplifying weak signals. It helps preserve signal purity with extremely low noise circuitry.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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