Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

If you are like us, you don't forget about your pet during the Holidays. Ours each have their own stocking, and we love to fill it with things they love. 

Chicken Jerky 
Hillside Farms has some of the best jerky for dogs. All their products originate from premium, natural ingredients like chicken breast, duck breast and varieties of fruits and vegetables. Safety and healthfulness is the number one objective with every treat they produce. To assure the quality of every Hillside Farms treat, every product undergoes testing for nutritional content, and every batch gets comprehensive lab testing in the United States to ensure they are contaminate free and safe. Additionally, to optimize dietary health of all Hillside Farms treats, product specific feeding recommendations are developed by an independent Pet Nutritionist and listed on each package. Hillside Farms products are registered with the FDA and produced using USDA guidelines for human food production.
You can purchase Hillside Farms online, or at your local pet store.   


Love your pet but not the shedding? That's why we invented FURminator® deShedding Tools. Shedding is natural and there's no way to eliminate it. But, there is a better way than constantly vacuuming and scrubbing hair off your floor, furniture, clothing and car seats.

I have always had pets. Like, we have never ever been without one. One thing I can do without though is the hair all over my couch and floor!

Furminator is the pet brush that can eliminate up to 90% of your pets shedding.

I remember when we first got our dog. She is a black cocker spaniel, and we have tile floor. I had no idea the amount of hair I was going to have to sweep daily. It's enough to fill a dustpan, everyday!

Since we started using the Furminator, I don't have to sweep as often, and she looks much cleaner and healthier too.

FURminator deShedding Tools can help you reduce the amount of loose hair in your house by up to 90%! That means less time spent cleaning and more time to spend enjoying your pet. To enhance the effectiveness of the deShedding tools, use after a FURminator Ultra Premium Shampoo or Waterless Shampoo.

Furminator can be purchased in most major pet stores or online here
Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Growing Kit - PetSmart 
My cats LOVE catnip, and this product is great for keeping it fresh. 
The Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit brings the nutritious benefits of the outdoors indoors. Grass is a natural source of fiber, which is known to help digestion and help prevent hairball buildups. The Kit is a safe and green way to great health for every cat. Refill grass sold separately.
Features: Grass seed and substrate to grow your own cat grass
Includes: Accu-pressure mat
Intended For: Indoor Cats

You can purchase Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit here for about $25.00 or in your local pet store. 


The Catit Deluxe Drinking Fountain for Cats is SO cool! My kitties love drinking from the sink, I think it's a running water thing, so of course I knew they would love this too!
Features of the Catit Drinking Fountain:
  • Re-circulating flow eliminates stagnant water
  • Large surface area adds more oxygen to water and is beneficial to pet's health
  • Replaceable, purifying filter collects debris, food, hair and sediment for continuously clean water
  • Greater water capacity (100 fl. oz./3 L) means no more daily refilling
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Cool running water is more inviting to pets
  • Detachable AC adapter is safe and has a low-voltage (12 V)
  • A protective plastic guard protects cord contact with water or from chewing pets
  • Multi-surface drinking area; pet may drink from bowl or directly from the dome
  • Bonus food dish included
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great for multi-pet households - also suitable for puppies and small dogs
You can purchase a Catit Drinking Fountain online for about $25.00.

I am in love with this Memory Foam Dog Bed by Innergy. The mat is available in multiple sizes to fit any crate or kennel and features a machine washable cover that makes cleaning simple for any accidents. Starting at just $24.99 for the small size, pet owners can purchase the Premium Orthopedic Pet Mat at pet specialty retailers nationwide and online at


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