Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide For MEN

7 Kids and Us is excited to share some of our favorite Holiday Gifts for Men. Thank you to all the great sponsors!


If the man in your life is like mine, losing hair is a big deal. Since we tried this on my husband, he has had more confidence and with his new confidence, got a great new job!

I think Toppik is a great gift, you can get this kit which is housed in a sleek, black custom travel cosmetic bag for fashionable portability, the Toppik Holiday Travel Cosmetic Kit is valued at $65 and retails for $39.95 at


I absolutely LOVE a gift that is useful. With the HomeRight Light Duty Stain Sprayer, my husband is so excited to be able to finish paining a project in minutes, rather than hours!

Need a light duty stain sprayer for some smaller projects? The HomeRight Light Duty Stain Sprayer is perfect for spraying stain on decks, shutters, lattices, and other home projects that require a quality and consistent spray pattern with an even finish.
Save time and money by using this airless stain sprayer to get professional results at a fraction of the cost and time around your home.
New Features:
  • Tilt Spray Feature - Spray up or down, position the suction tube for directional spray, tube will pick up 90% of stain
  • 12" Wide Fan Spray Pattern
Use with stains & sealants

You can purchase the HomeRight Light Duty Stain Sprayer here for $69.99.

Clay Matthews - Home Fathead Wall Decal
My husband has been asking for one of these for his "Mancave" for a while now. If he didn't change favorite sports so often it would be nice! For now, we decided on this though. 

Ford GT  Fathead Wall Decal 

Not only will my husband love it, the kids will love it too! You can choose from SO many styles for men, women, kids and baby at

Perry Ellis Eau de Toillette cologne is a great gift for a man in your life. The woodsy scent is so masculine, my husband is in love with it!
  • 1.7 fl oz Eau de Toilette
  • A woody aromatic scent
  • Perry Ellis tradition preserved with a witty modern twist
You can purchase Perry Ellis Eau de Toillette here for $50.00


BodyLogix Natural Whey Protein is a great gift for the guy who likes to stay in shape. How it compares to other protein powders on the market are:
  1. Sourced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand.
  2. Free of bovine growth hormone and antibiotics.
  3. GMO free IP soy lecithin.
  4. Cold processed cross-flow microfiltration whey proteins.
BodyLogix Natural Whey Protein is available in 2 flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla, and is also available in a vegan variety for those who don't consume animal products. 
You can purchase BodyLogix products here, this protein powder is about  $27.99 and can also be purchased at Walgreens and other health food stores. 
What guy doesn't love sports? Mine is no different, and he was SO excited to get this huge Sports Illustrated Baseball's Greatest book. 
The new must-have coffee-table book Baseball’s Greatest (Oct. 8, 2013, Time Home Entertainment, $32.95) offers the hands-down, unequivocal “Top 10” in more than 20 categories, including the top sluggers, pitchers, stadiums, managers, and franchises.  
Baseball’s Greatest also pays tribute to the diamond’s best characters and the most impressive records that may never be surpassed and includes hundreds of classic images and the storytelling that only the writers of Sports Illustrated can provide.

You can purchase this book at most book stores, or on  

Yes! A Yoga workout for men, but not just men, women are encouraged to try it too. This Diamond Dallas Page Yoga DVD Pack includes 6 workouts on 2DVD's, an instruction guide and a poster. My husband loves these workouts because in one package, you have everything from beginner to advanced. Somedays he chooses to do a beginner workout because he is tired, other days he does the intermediate or advanced, he says the advanced is BRUTAL :-) 

You can purchase DDP Yoga here for about $69.99. 



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