Thursday, November 28, 2013

Buddy Fruits "Spread the Good" Challenge and Giveaway!

Buddy Fruits has decided to embark on a mission to remind those people that there is a lot of good out there! That is why we created “Spread the Good” Month – a month dedicated to paying it forward, to smiles, and to always doing a little good, everywhere and anywhere. During this month, our goal is to encourage others to spread the good with Buddy Fruits. We want to remind them that unexpected kindness can brighten someone’s day!

Some great ways you can "Spread the Good"
  • Change  your  cover  photo  to  support  your  favorite  charity.  We’ll  change  it  too!
  • Do  something  nice  for  your  neighbor.
  • Feed  the  homeless.
  • Hold  the  door  for  the  person  behind  you.
  • Smile  or  compliment  a  stranger.
  • Let  someone  go  in  front  of  you  in  a  long  line.
  • Catch  up  with  an  old  friend  –  treat  them  to  coffee  or  lunch.
  • Hug  a  friend.
  • When  someone  tries  to  repay  you  for  something,  ask  him  or  her  to  pay  it forward.
  • Leave  someone  a  love  note.
  • Give  up  your  seat  for  someone  who  needs  it  more.
  • Post  an  inspirational  quote  for  your  friends  or  family  on  Facebook,  Twitter,  or  Instagram.
  • Write  a  “thank  you”  note  to  someone  who  provides  a  service.
  • Volunteer! At  a  breakfast  program,  animal  shelter,  a  community  race,  etc.
  • Send  a  care  package  to  a  soldier.
  • Leave  an  encouraging  Post-­‐It  note  in  a  library  book  or  other  random  place.
  • Bring  or  bake  a  treat  to  work  and  share  with  your  coworkers.
  • Send  a  box  of  donuts,  bagels  or  muffins  to  a  construction  site.
  • Offer  the  FedEx,  UPS  or  DHL  delivery  person  something  warm  to  drink  on  a cold  day,  or  something  refreshing  on  a  warm  day.
  • Share  an  umbrella  with  someone  on  a  rainy  day.
  • Take  flowers  to  a  hospital  ward  and  give  them  to  someone  who  hasn’t  had any  visitors.
  • Offer  to  help  an  elderly  neighbor  with  their  household  chores.
  • Leave  a  book  you  have  already  finished  somewhere  for  someone  else  to read.
  • Praise  someone  at  work  for  doing  a  good  job.
  • Plant  trees  or  flowers  in  a  neglected  area  of  your  neighborhood.
  • Leave  a  nice  note  for  your  waiter  or  waitress  at  a  restaurant.
  • Bring  your  well-­‐behaved  dog  to  visit  a  local  nursing  home  or  children’s hospital.
  • Bring  your  partner  or  kids  breakfast  in  bed.
  • Pay  for  the  person  behind  you  at  the  drive  thru.
  • Leave  someone  flowers  on  their  doorstep.

Buddy Fruits has also partnered with Feed the Children, an organization dedicated to combat hunger and poverty. We will be donating almost 800,000 Buddy Fruits pouches during this time of the year, in Thanksgiving gift boxes for families in need, at Thanksgiving events, and to different food banks all over the United States!

 One reader is going to win 2 (yes 2!) "Spread the Good" baskets as shown above. One to keep, and one to give to a friend!

To enter, ..just do 2 things on the list, and place pictures showing you did them in a Facebook album called "spread the love". Then, leave me the link, and on 12/12/13 I will announce the (random) winner.
Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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