Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Take and Shake Bouche Baby Bottle a Bottle that goes from Infant to Toddler!

I only wish this was around when I had my other kids. The Take and Shake baby bottle from Bouche Baby. I would always bring a can with me when I went out on shopping trips and a water bottle, which I often would forget one or the other.

The Take and Shake baby bottle from Bouche Baby is great way to have both without having 2 containers. You place your infants formula in the bottle and water but yet they don't mix til you want!

The bottle saves me so much in time, stress and much more! I passed it on to my sister in law to have a go at it and she loved so much she bought a few others.

You can use the bottle from infant to toddler with a twist! How does this bottle work? You place the water inside, twist and then snap in the shaker part along with adding the formula, twist on the blue lid which will keep the water in and the formula out when ready to use, remove the blue lid and twist on bottom for a quick easy release of formula to bottle making for a easy feeding.

The Take and Shake baby bottle from Bouche Baby is a great for the working or on the go mom as well. When your infant turns into a toddler replace the nipple with a sippy nipple and your good to go handles and all.

Bottles can only be purchased  by clicking here!

I think this bottle is a must have! I would recommend to all friends families and more! It's such a great bottle.

Check out the How to Video here!

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