Saturday, September 14, 2013

Education Outdoors Snipe Hunt Game Review and Giveaway!

With 7 kids, they don't get bored easily. Casey's kids don't get to see mine as often as we would like, due to work and school, but when we do get together, the kids play HARD.

We have been trying to think of some fun, creative ways to get them to play something other than "let's-see-who-can-wrestle-who-to-the-ground-first" and came up with the most perfect solution that even the littlest can play.

 Getting ready to HUNT!

Everyone wants to play!

With Snipe Hunt, if you have 2 players, each player takes a different colored "Snipe" and they go in different directions hiding them. Then, they meet back at an agreed upon location and when mom says "go" they GO. The Snipe is quiet it first, but as it takes the kids longer to find them, the Snipe's eyes light up and he begins to chirp..first every minute or so, and the longer it takes to find the Snipe, the faster it will start to chirp so the kids can find them.
The boys running back to the "base" where they can put the Snipe back in its nest.

To play in groups larger than 2, simply assign teams to each Snipe. This is where it was fun to even have the little kids looking...I swear the youngest found the Snipe first every time!


You can purchase Snipe Hunt here for $24.99. While you are there, check out all the other fun games and toys at Education Outdoors!

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