Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Evenflo Bebek line!

When you have a newborn you want the best for your infant, so you look for bottles that help reduced air flow which causes gas, and in turn, an unhappy baby.

Check out Evenflo's Bebek. A specially designed bottle that has a vented nipple. The nipple works kind of like how when you have a can of juice you pop a hole in one end and another across from it so it flows better. That's what they have done to the nipple. It allows the bottle to breathe. The venting system helps reduce bubbles getting into your babies tummy, by pushing bubbles back into the bottle so all your child is receiving is formula. The Evenflo Bebek is a great bottle for reducing colic because of its vent design.

Evenflo Bebek is only 3 pieces! Bottle, nipple and cap, how easy does that sound for cleaning? I love that not only do I have peace of mind while feeding my baby but the clean up is a breeze. Also the wide nipple keeps everything locked in making for a mess free baby, no leakage.

So now baby is nice and full but still a little fussy, so what do you normally do to soothe them? I personally use a pacy or in this case the new Evenflo Bebek large silicone pacifiers.

There are so many pacifiers out there but this is the first ever to offer air holes in the nipple of the pacifier! The design helps for a better grip for your baby as well as easier sucking which makes for a happy baby. The Evenflo Bebek pacifiers have an orthodontic design which promotes healthy oral development, meaning you can have your child use it and not worry about their teeth being messed up while coming in. There are 3 sizes of pacifiers, small for 0-3 months, medium for 3-6 months and large for 6months and up.

The Evenflo Bebek line is a great start to any child development. You can purchase Evenflo Bebek in major retail stores as well as clicking here.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way.

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