Thursday, August 1, 2013

Enviro Logs for your Summer Camp Out!

EnviroLog firelogs

 I am so excited to tell you about Enviro-Log! Instead of burning wood chips, or a fire log with chemicals, why not burn an environmentally safe Enviro-Log?

Because of our unique differences from the traditional wax-sawdust firelogs, we are able to offer our retailers a unique product to consumers that normally would not buyZero Waste Sustainable Renewable manufactured firelogs. Being made of 100% recycled materials, Enviro-Log Firelogs has opened up a new product opportunity to Natural Organic retailers.

100% Recycled Products
Tested Safe for Wood Stoves & Fireplaces
Enviro-Log Fire LogsGreat for Chimineas
Safe for Outdoor Cooking & Camping
Burns Cleaner than Wood

86% Less Creosote

80% Less Carbon Monoxide

30% Less Emissions
50% More Heat Than Wood

We burned ours this summer in the fire pit, and I was so excited that I was not harming the environment, the fire started quickly and burned for hours!

You can purchase Enviro-Logs here. 

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