Wednesday, July 17, 2013

VERY Cool! Online Cooking Classes! The next one is A Modern Take on the Mother Sauces

A Modern Take on the Mother Sauces

What You'll Learn 
  • How to make the five classic French mother sauces: béchamel, tomato sauce, brown sauce (sauce espagnole), velouté and hollandaise, along with beurre blanc and mayonnaise
  • How to keep your sauces from breaking, and how to salvage them if they do
  • Techniques for thickening and reducing sauces and creating emulsions
  • Best practices and a secret shortcut for making clear, flavorful stocks to use in sauce making
  • Suggestions for countless classic and modern sauce variations so you can adapt them to your tastes and culinary needs
  • Tips for holding, serving and storing sauces
  • How to perfectly pair your sauces with meats, fish, vegetables and even baked eggs
What You'll Make
  • Béchamel sauce, mornay sauce and reduced cream sorrel sauce 
  • Beurre blanc and fines herbes sauce 
  • Tomato coulis and tomato concassé 
  • Brown stock, brown sauce, demi-glace, glace de viande and bordelaise sauce 
  • Chicken broth and velouté with parsley and morel mushrooms 
  • Mayonnaise and aioli 
  • Hollandaise and béarnaise 
What You'll Love
  • Mastering the recipes and techniques for the foundational sauces of Western cuisine 
  • Instruction from James Peterson, a renowned cooking expert and award-winning cookbook author
  • James' relaxed and friendly approach to cooking and teaching, along with his personal feedback on your questions and comments
  • Printable recipes for all the sauces and their variations
  • Being able to improvise and create an elegant meal with the ingredients you have on hand
  • Lifetime access to your class any time, anywhere from a web-connected device, including on your iPad in the kitchen!

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