Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SkipDr Review and Giveaway!

My cd's and dvd's were doomed the day I had kids, I tried to put them up high so they couldn't get into them, but that didn't work and they got scratches and dings in them. I have thrown out a few of my favorite movies or music cd's because they were damaged to a point of no return............or so I thought.

SkipDr is a renewing system that brings life back to dvd's and cd's. The SkipDr is really simple to use. Take your cd lightly spray the disk then place it in the open end of the SkipDr and turn it on The SkipDr gently spins the disc while buffing it. You watch the disk until it makes 2 full circles which takes less than 5 minutes, turn off the SkipDr and remove the cd. Clean it with a cloth provided with package.

I was very impressed on how well the SkipDr worked. Movies that were on their way to the trash now had a meaning again and we could enjoy them. My kids were super happy they had a movie that had gone bad from over watching with a quick clean up from the SkipDr good as new.

The SkipDr is a great for any full size disk, you can use on game disk like Playstation, Xbox, Wii and more. The SkipDr is about 4x2x2 so it doesn't take up much space, it also runs on 6 AA batteries but don't worry if batteries are not your thing. You can purchase a 9v cord and use it that way as well. The batteries come with your order of the SkipDr, as well as a buffing cloth, drying cloth, cleaning fluid (just to clean a disk) and finally the rejuvenating fluid which is what you would spray on it before placing in the SkipDr.

You can read up more on the SkipDr as well as purchase your own by clicking here.
Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. 

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