Monday, July 1, 2013

AquaEars plus Giveaway!

It's summer, it's summer time,  it's summer time!  A kid's favorite song! Summer means pool time, which brings on swimmers ear-ouch! AquaEars for children are soft tacky ear plugs that have some of your kids favorite known characters like Mickey Mouse, Dora, Sponge Bob, Cars and more.  

I like that how easy the AquaEars are to use, you take your kids head turn it to the side and place a dry AquaEar into a dry ear no twisting or pushing just place it over the ear drum and your good to go. We are lucky to have a pool in our yard so my kids can go hours of playing in the pool and the AquaEars stay in place. You can reuse the AquaEars again and again. Each set comes with 6  plugs, each in their own little plastic case, which helps track which ears they have been in. 

They fit any kid, any ear, hey even adults can have a little fun with AquaEars, keep the germs out this summer with AquaEars. You can find AquaEars at your local retailer for an average retail price of $4.00. For more information, on AquaEars and Safety Tips check out the link here

Some safety tips from AquaEars for you to follow next time your child takes a dip:

·         Be an Explorer: Always take the time to explore around the swimming area to help your child identify the location of lifeguards, water preservers, bathrooms facilities, depth markers with shallow and deeps ends, sitting areas, and even other swimmer’s behavior in the area.
·         Pump your Brakes:  Never allow children to run or even walk fast around or in a swimming area.  The spillover and foot traffic from the water makes surfaces wet and slippery and children can easily injure themselves or others by falling on the hard surface or even in a body of water. Using the © Disney/Pixar Cars AquaEars ear plugs are a great way to remind them to “pump their brakes” and walk while enjoying water activities. 
·         Find Some Water Buddies: Even if a lifeguard is on duty, a child should never swim alone and should always have an adult supervising by land and preferably by sea.  Never leave any child unsupervised by or in the pool or other body of water.
·         The Fish Test: Your child may be more confident about their swimming abilities than you are so before they start to swim ask them to pass the ‘fish test’ by showing you some basic swimming techniques such as holding their breath, treading water and swimming underwater.  Be honest about their ‘fish test’ results by telling them where they are able or unable to venture based on your observations.  Make sure the lifeguard supports your ‘fish test’ findings.

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