Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Schar Gluten Free Foods Review

Schar has many gluten free, and wheat free products, and recently I was able to sample a few. I like having gluten free products in my house because many of my friends and family cannot have wheat products, so it is nice to have a alternative and they taste great.

The first item we tried were the Shortbread Cookies which I only had maybe 5 from the bag. My kids got a hold of them and ate them up! So I know they loved them and its a healthier option than other cookies.  Of the 5 cookies I was able to try they were very good. I liked that I was not overwhelmed with a sugar taste. The cookies also were not too soft or too hard. They were a perfect texture.
Next was the Honeygrams which were again very good. My kids ate them super fast. They were a bit messy but it;s a graham cracker, what do you expect : )   They came in 4 packages of I believe like 6 cookies each, which made for great portion control since each child could have a bag. 

Finally the Cheese Bites, they are small and full of flavor. I really like these because they are a snack anyone loves and they are filling. I like that I am replacing my kids candies with food that is good for them and healthy. You get 33 Cheese Bites with only 140 calories which I think is pretty great compared to others out there.

I love having so many products to choose from for my family and friends from Schar. They make great quality products that will keep my kids happy and healthy. Check out all the great products Schar has to offer by clicking here. You can find most or some of their products in most major retail stores and more in places like Whole Foods or health food stores.

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