Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mumoocie Pillow Review

I am a pillow addict. I seriously buy at least 15 new pillows a year..easy. I am always in search of the perfect one.

Recently I was approached by Mumoocie to try one of their pillows...and I was SO on board!

  Our patented cozy curved body pillow, aka "The Mum Pillow" as seen on "The Doctors", will have your toddler (and you) sleeping soundly through the night! Unlike most body pillows it is suited for every size, age, body type and sleeping style. Mumoocie retains body heat and scent to give you the most soothing and snuggly sleep you've ever experienced and is the perfect solution for breaking your child's co-sleeping habit.

Mumoocie comes in two different styles; fiber filled and high quality memory foam. Both are designed for comfort and support with a slightly different feel. It also has a removable, washable cover for easy laundering. We also have an optional voice recorder in a hidden compartment so you can record a special message to keep your loved one comfortable while they rest. It's also a perfect sleeping aid while you or a loved one is traveling.

You can purchase your own Mumoocie here, choosing between firm memory foam or softer fiber filled.

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