Saturday, June 8, 2013

Efreesia Mini Portable Charger Review

Casey and I take our kids to the park. A LOT. Hey, with 7 kids we need them to run around and get tired.

We both have cell phones, and we pretty much sit on a bench and chat while using our phones.
That makes the phones die, pretty fast! So now, Casey and I both use Efreesia Mini Chargers.

The chargers are easy enough to use, you simply plug it into the USB port on your computer until it's fully charged, and then when you need to charge your phone, you plug your phone into it. I noticed too that the Efreesia charges much faster than being plugged into the wall!

Efreesia also has a great warranty! eFreesia offers a one year plus one extra month warranty on all eFreesia products. We are so confident and certain that our products life is much longer than promised. 

The Efreesia Mini can be purchased here for $22.99.

You can also see the Efreesia Duo which charges 2 devices at once!

eFreesia Duo

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