Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dolma Pearl Review and Giveaway

I like to think of myself as a semi-casual mom. I can dress up pretty good for social events, but other than that I am pretty much in jeans. So when it comes to jewelry, I prefer pieces I can wear every day as well as when I go out.

What girl doesn't look good in pearls? :-)

 7.5" stretch potato pearl bracelet with pewter charm plated in sterling silver.

When I got this bracelet in the mail, I was SO excited! It totally represents me with the "P" for Paige, and it's fancy enough to wear with a black dress, and casual enough to wear with jeans. 

The bracelet is stretchy which is also important to me. I have issues with holding water, and sometimes my wrists will swell a little and other bracelets just don't feel good..this one I can wear all day every day and barely even notice I am wearing it. 

I have gotten so many compliments since I started wearing the Dolma Pearl bracelet. 

Here are some of my other favorite pieces. 

Boxer in Gold Necklace $45

 Universe Earrings $90.00 $45.00

One reader is going to WIN an initial charm bracelet in their initial choice like the one I received!

Please enter using the rafflecopter form below. 

Disclosure: I received a bracelet for my review. All opinions are my own. 


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  1. I love this:

  2. I like the Anna fiesta in black bracelet.

    nomfreebies at hotmail dot com

  3. I love pearls, they are my favorite. I love the new pearl charms. They are so beautiful.

  4. I love the Universe earrings but that was your choice so my favorite necklace is this one.

  5. I like the Anna Fiesta 40" with Charm

  6. I like the Classic Studs in black 6mm

  7. I like

  8. I like the anna fiesta bracelet!


  10. I also like Icecream Sandwich in Black Bracelet
    CODE: 1015 $47.50. I like unusual looking pearls the most. One of the reasons I like the bracelet you're offering as a prize. It's not a consistent pearl. It looks more natural to me.

    Kimberly Hilbert

  11. I like the Manatee in Smoky necklace.

  12. Christina Cross Necklace and Earrings

  13. I love these earrings!
    Laurie Emerson

  14. I love the Marshmallow Bracelet.

  15. I love the AOK in Black Necklace