Sunday, May 5, 2013

Aroma Ridge Coffee, Biscotti, and Rum Cakes Review

When I first saw the company Aroma Ridge online, I thought, how nice, it's like everything you need to have coffee all on one shop. 
They have all different kinds of coffee, then they have rum cakes, and biscotti. 

I have had a few rum cakes in my day :-) and I have to say, this was the BEST tasting one I have ever had. It wasn't too strong, but strong enough to definitely be rum. 


You can purchase one here for about  $6 for a small and $18 for a large. 

Next, we have the coffee. I love my coffee, but a lot of the times it gives me a stomach ache so I can't always drink it. I will when I am at home and not going anywhere, but if I might have to leave the  house, I can't drink it which is really depressing. 

Aroma Ridge carries Low Acid Coffee! All the flavor of regular coffee but without the hard acid to hurt your stomach. My first cup was so delicious and no stomach issues!

You can purchase the coffee here for about $14.95 a pound.

Finally, we have the Biscotti. Casey and I love some good biscotti, and over the years of blogging have tried MANY different kinds. But, we both agree this one is our favorite. 
Each Biscotti is individually packed and comes in 3 flavors. Almond, Chocolate Dipped Almond, and Eggnog. 
You can purchase the Biscotti here for about $2.95 each. 

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