Saturday, May 25, 2013 Deodorant Review and Giveaway

When dragging 7 kids around a hot, sweaty theme park all day, I go through a LOT of deodorant. I mean a LOT of it. I carry it with me, nothing seems to last all day, and then I usually end up with some kind of heat rash under my arms and boobs.

I have been actively searching for a new deodorant. One that isn't manufactured in china, and made by someone who understands WHY I need to not be stinky.

Then, a friend, introduced me to 
The products made here, are hypo allergenic and toxin free. I was PRAYING they worked better than my walmart brand.

The first thing I noticed when I got my order was that there was no scent. It's ok, I don't think my arm pits should smell like summer breeze, I just want them to smell

The website says I can use this product ONE time in 24 hours, and it will last all, on to the test.

This week has been so busy with Blogger Events, Busch Gardens, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World..all of them lasting for at least 6 hours, the perfect time to try 30someweeks.

The first day I used it, was the day we went to Busch Gardens and it was 92 degrees by noon. I remember the feeling of knowing I didn't have to worry about my deodorant, in fact, not only did I not have to worry, I didn't even have to think about worrying!  I completely forgot about deodorant.

At the end of the day, I asked Casey if I was smelly..she laughed and said "nope!" Good times...
The next day, I used the at Kennedy Space Center, and this time I put some under my boobs where I normally get a nice heat rash. Guess What??? NO Rash!

I definitely recommend for deodorant, I know I will be purchasing from them in the future!
You can purchase your own here. A jar is $10 and a roll-on is $12.

You can also enter to WIN a jar and a roll-on!
Please enter using the rafflecopter form below.

Disclosure: I received deodorant for my review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Yes, I do. It seems that there is nothing out there that will suit my needs.

  2. Yes, I am finding it increasing harder to find a good deodorant.

  3. Yes, I do. I keep buying different ones and still have not found one that works well with me. I put on deodorant several times a day.
    Virginia Rowell

  4. not really - I have several in different scents and use the one that matches the perfume I am wearing

  5. Sometimes! I don't like when deodorant has a strong scent!

  6. Yes, mostly because I don't like the scents.
    Michelle Tucker