Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grammar Oh How Much I HATE It!

I love to write, but I love writing how I talk.  I mean really when your talking are they sitting there spelling out words on what your saying? NO.

Lets face it English is a Bi*** to learn and thank god I learn most of it lol I still have issues with spelling but I have gotten better over time thanks to spell check. I feel sorry for those who have to learn English its a hard language and from what I have heard its one of the hardest and why is that because we didn't really wanna make are own language we just took words from here and there and called it English.

Okay so things that drive me nuts.
#1 The fact that we have to have 2-4 words spelled different but all pronounced the same.
Example There, Their and They're
Yes they all mean different things like Look over there. We had their birthday today. They're coming at noon.
Okay I get that, but really no offense to those of you who are grammar smart but I really think most of the word doesn't care or they have, well common sense. I mean I don't go off on a friend when they write me a quick email and say, so there having a party you in? I don't think how is she showing me they are having a party. I mean really?!?!?

#2 The silent E omg I really really hate this one! Its like algebra the a+b=c okay so 1+1=2 whoo I solved it!
Like my favorite which I complain whenever on the road is Greene Way really Greene it drives me nuts because we say it as Green but they throw on a e for fun why??? If its not heard why place it there in the first place? lol ahhhh

What is really crazy is that I can spell the words that most can't because they sound like they are spelled but the others I have a hard time, yes it sucks but you know what when something is chasing me or lets say the word is at its end I doubt I will be reading and writing while on the go.

#3 Just simple things like then and than lol Paige my sister is the grammar smart one so she always has to come and proof read my blog post. Which I thank her and it has helped me also get better at what I am doing. Anyhow she finally brought it to my attention that I was using than and then wrong which I always use then maybe once in a blue moon I use than.

So I wrote and say that I always thought that then and than was a northern southern thing like PotAto and Potato or Suger and Sugar, etc ...... so who knew that one means time and other means well other lol.

Yep so that is my rant to how English Grammar SUCKS : )

which of course Paige didn't proof read this one, but hey this is me!

Casey : )

And Thank you Paige for helping me with my grammar I know its a lot to take on when also writing the blog post and more! Thanks Sis! : P

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