Thursday, April 18, 2013

Get your Party on at Kings Bowl Orlando off International Drive!

I have been bowling many times with Paige and all the kids, and we have been to many bowling places. But nothing comes close to Kings Bowl.

Lets start with lights. When you think of a bowling alley you think bright, and dull. Nothing much going on. They have a  shoe counter, maybe a few arcade games and a "snack" center. Kings Bowl is NOTHING like that. First off the lights are easy on the eyes with a nice dark feel to it with neon lighting up the lanes.

Josh, my husband, hates to bowl because, well, what else is there? Kings Bowl is a man's dream! So most men like to hang out with their friends at a bar because it has t.v.'s which play sports. Okay, so, take that and place it on huge plasma high definition t.v.'s above each bowling lane, the bar and then also in the billiards area oh yeah..... they have billiards also! Now tell me that is not a man's ideal spot!

To top off HUGE t.v's they also have a full service bar! Which while taking a break from it all and enjoying the media event they treated us to some of the drinks they have to offer.

My personal favorite (which it was a toss up between the Fish Bowl and the Tropical Tango) was the Tropical Tango. It's made for 4, but I must say I think I drank most of it. What's in the Tropical Tango? It has citrus, coconut and pineapple rums, apricot brandy,  amaretto, fresh juices and a dark rum float. That is a whole lotta drink! The Fish Bowl is the same size and has fun stuff in it like coconut rum and monster energy drink they even top it off with fishes! So very very good!

The drinks were crazy either in size or idea, some had pop rocks like a Strawberry Pop Rocktini with strawberry pop rocks around the rim.

Another fun creation was the Fizzy Lifting Drink on which they have a beaker that they add dry ice to the drink making it steam out along with an everlasting gobstopper.

They also have some favorites like the Dude which taste like your white russian.

Not into bowling or billiards? That is totally fine because they have a full real food menu! I mean real food not hot dogs and pizza, but food! We also were able to sample a bunch of full meal menu items which included a rack of ribs, sliders, buffalo wings, shrimp with grouper, and so much more! It all was very good full of flavor. I would love to go back just to eat.

Kings Bowl is kid friendly til 6pm then after that they tame it down to 21 and over which they are open til 2am...........sounds like I have a place to go after working finally.

I also forgot to mention on top of having all this the lanes are sectioned off for 2 parties to play, each has a shoe holder which is great because that is another annoying thing at normal bowling areas is your tripping over your own shoes.

Kings Bowl also offers a VIP room for your own personal party which can be rented per hour or day. The VIP room can hold 50-100 guests.

Check out Orlando's New Hot Spot!
KINGS Bowl Orlando, 8255 South International Drive, Suite 120, Orlando, FL 32819
Located in the I-Drive Live project in the former Gooding’s Plaza on South I-Drive next to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and Charley’s Steakhouse.

Kings Bowl has given us a $25 gift card for one of our readers to win! Just enter the rafflecopter form below. Open to U.S. residents only, contest will end 4/29/13.

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  1. I can't wait to experience the bowling and the food :)

  2. FOOD! & for my son to have fun. :)

  3. A fun date night when hubby and I visit there.

  4. the food and night!!