Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Voice Art Gallery Review

I was able to get a cool art work piece of my voice. I had originally thought this would be a great gift for Riley because he loves music. What exactly is Voice Art Gallery? It's a really cool print which is the vibrations in your voice!

How does it work? Go to the website, then using a microphone on your computer you can record your voice. Once you record your voice it shows you how it would look as a vibration which is than made into a piece of art work. Voice Art has many color options to choose from for the main color of your voice to the background of your voice I went with a green voice and tan background. I honestly don't remember what I said ( it would have been nice if they had included what you said ) but it was something about loving my kids. I really wanted to say CLEAN YOUR ROOM in case it works kinda like a subliminal message lol but I chose a better loving saying.

I think the Voice Art Gallery is a great idea its a great conversation piece, people ask what you said or just what is it. Voice Art Gallery is also one of a kind, no one else has your voice. Back to my first statement about being a gift for Riley, I figured someone who loves to sing and rock out would love the idea of seeing their voice as a piece of work. Think of it, you have a child that is cute sings all the time so while they are little maybe you  recorded them. Now they are the next Justin Bieber, how neat would it be to get them a piece of art with one of their first songs.

Voice Art Gallery is a new way to say so many things without saying anything. You can see how it all works by checking out Voice Art Gallery's website here.

Disclosure: I was given A piece of Art to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. This is a cool concept. I think that voice art is something that people who like the sound of their own voice will definitely treasure ;-)

    All kids are interested in learning more about themselves and I think that this is a good way to do so. Anyone who has ever wondered how their voice sounds to others, or how it affects their environment, will also be a fan of this type of artwork.

    Definitely a good conversation starter. I can see this in offices as well.