Friday, March 22, 2013

Starbox by StarLooks Review

Recently I have been obsessed with these one month subscription boxes. I really want to try them all. I love to try products that I may not have bought a whole package of. 

This box was no exception. StarBox by Starlooks is a box with 4 makeup products. 

For $15 you can try a box, which includes 3-4 FULL SIZE make up products delivered straight to your (or your friends) door. 

My box contained 4 products, a lipgloss, a lipliner, a blush and an eye liner. 

I really like the lipgloss, but for me it's a pale color, so I gave it to Casey who LOVES it. 
The lip liner is great, and I am using it all the time. 
The blush is really nice, and I probably wouldn't have chosen the color for myself, but I actually love how it looks on. 
The eye liner I gave to my mom, since I have never been able to use it due to a medical condition that makes my hands shake. 

Overall, I loved the box, for $15 I got about $50-60 worth of makeup and the best part it even if I can't use it, I can always find someone who can!
You can check them out here at Starbox

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