Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PurEcosheet Review

Sick of spending money on dryer sheets? Or, are you like me who has a cat that eats dryer sheets (not safe) or even have allergies? Check this out! PurEcosheets are reusable, thats right use it over and over and you can even wash it. PurEcosheets last for 100 loads wash it after 3 months of use and when it goes to dry it already starts working. The dryer sheets eliminates static so no more slacks sticking to your leg.

What makes PurEcosheets nice also is that if you sufer from allergies or eczema its safe to use on your clothes. PurEcosheets are great because they are chemical free so this is how your body is safe from the unknowns of other dryer sheets. PurEcosheets help your dryer because they do not leave a residue in the vent which is how a lot of homes catch on fire. On top of not having a potential fire in your house the PurEcosheet help your dryer from over working which means your dryer will last longer using these sheets.

You can buy your own 2 Pack of reusable PurEcosheets by clicking the link here


Disclosure: I was given PurEcosheets to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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