Thursday, March 14, 2013

PillowMed Review

Sick of waking up to a sore neck? I have this issue every morning, I wake up worse then when I went to bed. The PillowMed is a great pillow that looks a little different but that is because it has a purpose.

I used the PillowMed the first night, woke up to less pain. I am a mover so I am changing throughout night side, back and belly which the PillowMed is made to keep up. Lets say your a side sleeper, you place your head on side of the hole in the pillow this allows your neck to rest, while it also supports you shoulder. If you're a back sleeper simply place your neck perfectly on the pillow with your head resting through. I liked how the hole helps air your pillow so you're not a hot mess in the  morning as well.

The PillowMed, has a nice firm feel to it. It is made to last. My daughter had her bottle on it so I was forced to wash the pillow. It made it through both wash and dry came out looking like new. Other pillows I have washed in washer have busted leaving me with a wet cotton mess! I was very pleased not to have this issue with the PillowMed.

PillowMed is a pillow made by doctors. PillowMed is a great pillow for a long nights rest.

 Disclosure: I was given a  PillowMed to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. where in Alberta, Canada would I purchase a PillowMed like the one shown.