Friday, March 22, 2013

Just BEE Products Review 

I have always liked hand lotions and beauty products. 
Especially when they are organic or all natural. 

I wish I could let you SMELL how great this is. I got the Lemon-Lavender scent and it's wonderful.
It smells like a light lemon mixed with a light lavender, and the balm just soaks up into your hands so fast and leaves them feeling great. I use the balm while I am blogging and I have no time to wait for it to dry, so this works great. The price is also incredible! Just $4.95 for 2 oz of balm.  You can purchase it here.

Next, I reviewed the Lip Balm, which comes in 2 flavors, peppermint and bubble gum.

  Since mine wasn't marked I am not sure of the flavor, but I think it's peppermint. 
It isn't like chapstick which is very very solid, it's looser than that, so I find that using a finger or cotton swab works best when putting it on, but once it's on it feels great, I used it on Xander's lip one day when he had been sneezing alot and his lips were very dry. he loved the way it made them feel and he said they felt better right away. 

Finally I reviewed the Hand Balm, which honestly seems like a much smaller version of the Hand Balm I reviewed first, but it's a different scent and is nice just the same. 

You can find all the products I reviewed and more here at Just Bee Products.

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