Sunday, March 31, 2013

Garden of Eatin' and Terra Chips Review

So I have been seeing these chips for a long time in the store, and I was always curious, but cautious, I mean can a Beet Chip really taste good? 
YES it can!

Terra Chips have a full serving o f vegetables in every ounce! That's amazing! And, they actually taste similar to a potato chip, but sweeter. 

We tried 2 varieties of Terra Chips, the Exotic Vegetable which is mix of Taro, Sweet Potato, Yuca, Batata, Parsnip, and Ruby Taro. then we tried the Sweets and Beets, which are a mix of Sweet Potato and Beets. 

Both were very good, the kids were not crazy about them, but that's ok, they both ate a few and even in that few that's a good vegetable intake for them. 

As well as the Terra Chips, we tried Garden of Eatin'. Garden of Eatin' chips are naturally made with great tasting, hearty organic corn. 
We tried 2 varieties, Blue Chips and Sweet Potato. I really enjoyed the Blue Chips which are made of organic blue corn. They had a much heartier taste than a normal chip, and they really held up well in my salsa. The Sweet Potato chips were good as well, but all of us as a family thought the Blue Corn was the best. 

You can purchase Terra Chips online here, or Garden of Eatin' Chips online here

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