Friday, March 22, 2013

DaVinci Chocolate Syrups and Chai Tea Review

I have always loved Chai Tea. 
Since I can remember my mom has made it, and when I got married, my husbands mom made it, so it's always been a staple in our house. 

BUT, making from scratch isn't easy. It's possible, but not easy. 

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With DaVinci Chai Tea Classis Syrup, all we have to do is add equal parts syrup and milk and heat, and it's perfect and delicious. I love that we can make it as weak or as strong as we like too.
With my husband being a diabetic, it was great that they have a sugar free option as well.

A 750ml Bottle can be purchased here for $9.50

The second item I am going to talk about is the DaVinci Flavored Syrups.

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My favorite flavor has to be the chocolate. I love to have a mocha at home, but adding hershey's syrup isn't quite right. With DaVinci, the syrup is just the right thickness for a coffee drink, and has perfect flavor.
It also comes in a sugar free variety.

You can purchase a 750ml bottle here for $7.99

One of the products I really wanted to try and will be ordering next is their Fruit Innovations Syrups

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They come in great flavors like Honey Melon, Asian Citrus and Mandarain Orange.

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