Friday, March 22, 2013

Come Celebrate Nickelodeon Resort Suites Hotel's 8th Birthday!

Nickelodeon Hotel is Celebrating their 8th Birthday and they have added 8 NEW cool reasons why you should visit Nickelodeon Suites Resort Hotel!

Nickelodeon Suites Resort Hotel now has an area which you can "Celebrate Birthday Surprises" so why not plan a birthday vacation for your little ones at the Nick Hotel.

You can star in Double Dare Live which families get to come up with a cool name for their team (teams are picked earlier in the day by the pool, so make sure to register by 2:30pm at Guest Services).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Dinner (This costs a little extra with stay) is a meet and greet of the TMNT and you get a cool mask just like a Ninja Turtle!

A new show with Dora the Explorer, Geo and Milli from Team Umizoomi. My kids love to sing and dance when these shows come on Nick Jr so to see them in person is such an amazing experience for them.

An all new 4-D movie staring SpongeBob SquarePants in The Great Jelly Rescue. This cost a little extra with your stay.

Inaugural Summer Kid's Camp, and finally "Character Celebration Weekend" which a lot of your favorite Nick Jr characters come to meet and greet guests!

My kids loved meeting Dora and SpongeBob.  They have 8 Characters that Live at the Nickeldeon Suites so who knows who you will walk into.

Looking for a great place to stay in while visiting Orlando, FL? Check out Nickeloden Suites Hotel!

This is unlike any other hotel you have ever been to. What makes it different?

Lets start with the rooms. Every room is a suite so this means you have space! I was able to have my husband and 5 kids in one room while staying at the hotel.
The Master room was a nice full size bed with 2 end tables on either end along with a 27" LCD tv.
The children's room had an awesome mural of Spongebob SquarePants, Sandy and Squidward with 2 single beds. The rest of the room was a small kitchen, which has a microwave, mini fridge and sink, dinning table with 2 chairs,  fold out couch, rocker chair, 32" LCD tv, and a small side table.
 I ordered a crib for our room which they brought and I placed at the bottom of my sons bed.

We all slept great. It was me and my husband in the master, Joshua and Elizabeth in the singles, Sarah in the crib and the boys Michael and Brian on the pull out (which was awesome for them they have never seen one) so it was a perfect fit.

The bathroom was nice and roomy. It comes with 6 full size fluffy towels, shampoo, conditioner, facial soap, soap, blow dryer, and make up mirror.

The rooms were great and on top of the big tv's, the kids room is set to only a few select family friendly tv channels, the other tv's you could call room service, get to know the hotel, and go online. How very cool.

Now onto the hotel. The best day to truly enjoy the hotel is on a Saturday, they have so many activities that you can stay all day and not get bored.

You can meet all kinds of your favorite characters from Nick Jr like, the Rugrats, SpongeBob, TMNT, Dora and more. My kids and I went to meet Dora and Spongebob which they were overly trilled to see. On top of meeting the real characters they have still figures around the mall where you can take pic. We got to take pics in the "Thinking Chair" from Blues Clues along with Dora and then they had Spongebob, Patrick and Tommy and Chucky from the Rugrats out in the water.

The Nickeloden Suites Resort Hotel has a mall which has all kinds of things inside. You have a full bar which is open til 9 on weekdays and 11 on weekends. The hotel buffet, the meet and greet pizza restaurant, Subway, Antonio's Pizza, an ice cream shop. Also, a store which has all the must haves, along with snacks, a full arcade with games and prizes. Online station which has a bunch of spots to go online if you wish, Guest Services, Kids Spa, Nick stage, and finally a theater!

The theater is full size and shows 4D movies featuring all of your favorite Nickelodeon Characters. I was not able to do this as it's a additional charge, but I know someone who saw the shows and they really liked it. You can purchase a wristband at check in which allows you to view unlimited movies during your entire stay.

Now the soul of the hotel, The POOL. The pool is a huge area which gets up to 6ft deep, heated during the cooler months, it has a huge water slide tower which has 6, yes, 6 slides! Twice a day they dump the slime bucket. Before they dump the slime they let everyone know by setting off a siren which then is followed with a dance show and then a full slimming of the pool guests (don't worry its green water) so it comes off with a jump in the pool.

The massive pool area also has towel rentals free if returned by 9pm, a poolside bar, and grill with a separate dinning area, a kids splash pad, a caged basket ball area, 9 holes of mini golf, hot tub and plenty of seating for all.

Nickelodeon Suites Hotel is 5 mins from Disney, 15 from Universal, and 30 mins from Legoland its a great center point for any theme park lover! 

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