Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stay in Place! Dish Holder Review

Do you have a young one who when you place a plate in front of them they knock it to the floor? End that with this wonderful product from Baby Diner.

Baby Diner has made a dish holder that keeps babies plate in place. When I go out to eat I have 3 little ones who I have to watch grabbing drinks, others food and so on which while all this is happening one plate usually ends up on the floor. Take out Baby Diner Dish Holder (which fits in most diaper bags) stick the one end on the table and the other to the plate and no more mess. The dish holder is also dishwasher safe.

How easy is it? The side with the 2 suction cups sticks to table then the side with one bigger suction cup sticks to the plate, to remove simply stick a butter knife under plate between cup and plate and plate will come off. The plate holder makes a  great addition to anyone's diaper bag, for a nice less-worrysome outing.

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