Thursday, February 28, 2013

Journey Gym the start of a long process but worth the results!

I finally received my Journey Gym! I am super excited to try it out. I learned right away how out of shape I really am. The Journey Gym came with a DVD packed inside which has 3 segments. One is "Getting to know the gym" which talks about everything on the gym and how to use it. The other 2 segments on the gym are a 10 minute "Tone" workout and then a 20 minute "Strength" workout.

On the Journey Gym you have 5 resistant cables which allow for how much you want to test your muscles. You start off on orange then work your way up to more cables until your able to use all 5. The Journey Gym is very easy to assemble. Simply open the gym, take out your handles, put your legs in place, check your cables and flip over to connect your handles to cables. It's that easy. Once you have connected your handles to the cables you need to bring them to the starting point which can be different on all exercises, you press the bottom on the top of the handle which gives slack to the strap on the handle placing it in your starting position. You can see me do this in video below.

Since I am new to any kind of "real" exercise I am choosing to start my week off doing only the 10 minute tone exercise. I am not about to change what I eat, so everything I lose and tone will be 100% only by doing the exercises the Journey Gym offers. I hope over time to want to eat better foods but as of now I eat a lot of candy, one meal a day and drink about half a gallon of 2% milk with NesQuik every day. I hate water but after the first time doing the 10 minute workout I will make sure to have this on hand or you can replace water with a Gatorade or Powerade or some sort of health drink.

What I truly love about the Journey Gym is that it is super easy (yes, painful, but I know once I get better wont be as painful). They move at a learners pace so it's easy to stay on track and get the correct exercise down. Each exercise has a timer which so you really don't notice that 10 minutes have passed that fast. They break it down to 60 seconds this arm, leg, side etc so it's really a great way to get through the whole 10 minutes. I also love like I mentioned before how easy it is to follow. I have tried to do other work out videos and some just move so fast or focus on one area for to long that you're in so much pain you do not want to continue. I was very pleased my first time that right when my legs were killing me we moved into a upper arm exercise and once that was killing me it was the abs, the DVD kept going like this making it a great workout that I cannot wait for the next day to do.

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