Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Still Sexy So What's Up With Him (Book and Movie Tickets Giveaway)

The Teeples personally struggled with some inexplicable health and relationship problems, until Dr. Teeple had his blood tested.  At just 33 years old - he found out that he had the testosterone level of an eighty-year-old man!  Simply knowing this helped him get his “T” back on track... and restore his health, mood, relationship, and vitality!

I have been wondering about my husband possibly having low testosterone, so I am going to have him take the quiz below. 

Results coming soon in another post!

Quick STATS on Low “T”
- Low Testosterone affects over 40% of men over 45 years old.
- Only 5% of these men will be diagnosed.
- Low Testosterone is nearly 100% curable.

Use the application below and take the Testosterone Test and then enter the giveaway! One reader will win a copy of the book "I'm Still Sexy So What's Up with Him" and 2 movie tickets for a "date night" to see a movie of your choice!


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  1. Dress nice, smell pretty, and don't overwhelm him with expectations. Just relax and enjoy each others company. :)

  2. go someplace you can actually talk.

  3. Try not to go into a first date with preconceived ideas of what the other one is like. Take the time to get to know them.

  4. Take the afternoon to relax before the date so that you are the most yourself on the date!

  5. Laugh a lot.
    Thanks for the contest.

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  6. take it easy and have fun.


  7. Get to know your date! Keep it funny.

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  8. Take a class or try a new activity to learn something.

  9. go to a restaurant that doesn't have a kids menu at least once a year

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  10. relax and enjoy each other's company

  11. respect your babysitter and be back on time.

  12. Have a great babysitter so you can have a great night with no worries!
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  13. Wear clothing and shoes that you are comfortable in so you dont get distracted by pants that are too tight and shoes that hurt your feet

  14. no talking about the kids or grandkids
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  15. Pretend that it is your first date together.It makes it so romantic no matter where you go or what you do.
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